SBC Canford (Ages 12-15)

General English

Our dynamic and varied General English course focuses on building communication, teamwork, and creativity skills, to develop both students’ understanding of English and their confidence in using it every day. The syllabus combines carefully selected resources with bespoke Time to Shine materials, which have been developed especially for Summer Boarding Courses by our creative and experienced academic team. Lessons are taught in a student-centred and multinational environment so that students can work together to develop their language skills further.

General English at SBC Canford

At a Glance

  • Course Length: 2 Weeks
  • Starting dates: 2023 Information Coming Soon
  • Hours of English Tuition Per Week: 15
  • Class Size: Maximum 15 students
  • Age Range: 12 to 15 years
  • Suitable for English Level: All Levels (Beginner to Advanced)
  • Key Skills Developed: English Language, Confidence in Speaking and Presenting, Communication, Research
General English at SBC Canford

Dedicated team of English teachers

General English focuses on building both language knowledge and language skills. During the course, students will develop their understanding of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, reading and writing. By engaging in interesting and stimulating tasks, projects and activities, students are challenged to activate their language knowledge and further develop their communication skills.  All classes are delivered by our carefully chosen teachers.  SBC’s ‘Teaching’ and ‘Course ‘Design’ are recognised as areas of strength by the British Council.

General English at SBC Canford

Challenge yourself with our exciting Time to Shine Projects

For General English’s Time to Shine, students will take part in a series of creative and challenging projects each week to utilise language learning and develop a range of 21st century skills. Each project enables students to give presentations based on their own research and participate in fun and collaborative class competitions.

This form of project-based learning enables students to develop their English language skills in a practical way, as well as build critical thinking, research and presentation skills.

sbc canford general english students in the classroom
General English at SBC Canford

Receive a Certificate and Course Report

Feedback is an important part of any learning journey.  During lessons, students will receive continuous feedback from the teachers to support their progress.  At the end of the course, all students will receive a personal report written by their teacher, accompanied by a course certificate.  This is fantastic to share with your child’s year-round school to further support their development.

Featured Modules

Modules are given for example purposes and are subject to change.

General English at SBC Canford

General English takes place at SBC Canford Summer School (Ages 11 – 15).  To find out more about our SBC Canford campus including accommodation, activities, excursions, and prices and dates visit our campus page.

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