General English

Grow your confidence in English by taking part in sessions that focus on the importance of teamwork and communication. Our creative, student-centred lessons in our highly relevant and challenging General English course will help you improve your all round ability in English. By engaging in interesting and stimulating tasks, projects and activities, students are challenged to activate their language knowledge and further develop their communication skills.

At a Glance

With its idyllic grounds and impressive facilities, discover why Canford School recently won Public Boarding School of the year and is the perfect place to study General English.

  • Price: £3,400
  • Ages: 11-15
  • Course length: 2, 3 or 4 Weeks
  • English level: Beginner – Advanced (A1-C1)
  • Starting Dates: 8th July, 22nd & 29th July 2024
  • Academic Content: 15 hours of lessons per week
  • Maximum Class Size: 15
  • Location: Canford School

What you’ll learn

By taking part in engaging and interactive sessions, you will improve your command of English vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation; as well as developing your reading, writing, and listening skills.

You will learn how to interact more naturally with others and use your English in practical circumstances through a variety of imaginative class activities, group projects, and weekly class assignments.

If you are looking to feel more prepared for essay writing and exams, then you will greatly benefit from our sessions which focus on using more advanced academic English.

Lessons will also focus on using more phrases to make your English sound even more natural.

Why Choose This Course?

By using what you have learned in challenging group work projects, you will increase your fluency and self-confidence in using English, which will help prepare you for the challenges at school and later on at university.

Through gaining a deeper comprehension of English students will be able to:

  • Feel more comfortable contributing in class and giving presentations.
  • Feel better equipped for future academic tasks.
  • By surrounding yourself with English speakers from all around the world, and practising your listening comprehension, the challenge of listening in English speaking environments will feel more manageable.

What You’ll Get

In joining us at Canford, English will feel less like a subject you are tested on in the classroom, and even more like something you love to use. You will be able to return home with an even deeper understanding of English, with greater confidence in your speaking and presentation skills and with even more determination to gain the grades your English deserves.

By joining us at Canford you will be a valued member of a student-focussed environment where motivation and self confidence go from strength to strength.

By taking part in exciting excursions to historical English cities you will be immersed in British culture, all while living and studying at a stunning school campus by the sea.

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I’ve learnt a lot in my English class that I wouldn’t have learnt in school and I am definitely more social now

Emily, Student

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