Summer Boarding Courses’ Law programme has been designed for the barristers, solicitors and judges of tomorrow. In our Law course, situated at Oxford College, students will develop their knowledge and understanding of key legal concepts, as well as developing their ability to develop and use legal argumentation. This ability to develop and use argumentation is integral to a successful legal practice. Students will learn how an argument is best deduced and applied in both theoretical and practical case studies, in which the students are given the opportunity to practise and simulate the real duties and responsibilities of a practising lawyer.

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I studied Law because I would like to pursue Law in my career. I thought it would be a big help before University. It has actually helped me understand the subject and confirmed that it is the subject I want to study.

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Learning English Through Law

Summer Boarding Courses’ Law programme is designed to teach the English language through studying Law. In these courses, English language and Law tuition are integrated together, so that knowledge of both subjects is improved at the same time.

Our Law programme has the following four objectives:

  • Content: Improving the knowledge of Law
  • Communication: Studying through a communicative and collaborative approach to learning, with the aim of improving English language proficiency
  • Cognition: All courses at SBC focus on developing 21st Century Skills, such as critical thinking skills, collaborative skills and presentation skills.
  • Culture: All courses include the cross-cultural benefits of studying in a multi-national environment
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Time to Shine

In order to succeed as a lawyer, it is vital that students master the art of presenting their cases. Oxford College’s Law programme reflects this by having the art of public speaking as the central focus of our syllabus. Throughout the course, students will participate in an assignment in which they will develop a case for the defence, or prosecution, in a mock legal trial. This project will culminate in a full simulation of a legal trial, including judges, lawyers, barristers, prosecutors and defendants.

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