Summer Boarding Courses’ Science programmes are the perfect courses for any students with a passion for understanding how the universe works. In these programmes, held at Oxford College, Cambridge College and SBC Canford, students focus on three core science subjects: chemistry, physics and biology. These subjects are studied with the objective of better understanding the laws of the physical world around us.

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I enjoyed the mixture of theory and experiments. It was interesting to put into practice everything we had learned.

Junghoon, Student, South Korea


Learning English Through Science

Summer Boarding Courses’ Science programmes are designed to teach the English language through studying Science. In these courses, English language and Science tuition are integrated together, so that knowledge of both subjects is improved at the same time.

Our Science programmes have the following four objectives:

  • Content: Improving the knowledge of Science
  • Communication: Studying through a communicative and collaborative approach to learning, with the aim of improving English language proficiency
  • Cognition: All courses at SBC focus on developing 21st-Century Skills, such as critical thinking skills, collaborative skills and presentation skills
  • Culture: All courses include the cross-cultural benefits of studying in a multi-national environment
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Time to Shine

Summer Boarding Courses’ Science students collaborate in groups to research, evaluate, design and develop a scientific or technological idea or thesis. As the culmination of each project, our students prepare a presentation and demonstration of their scientific findings and technological design. By giving students the opportunity to take part in such research and development tasks that culminate in presentations, we will not only build our students’ knowledge of scientific subjects but their English language skills as well.

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