Summer Boarding Courses’ Medicine programmes are comprehensive, and interactive courses for the doctors of tomorrow. Our Medicine and Introduction to Medicine students will develop their knowledge and understanding of the world of medicine, through the theory and practical skills involved in being a doctor. All Medicine students will graduate the course with a First Aid qualification.

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Everyone gets involved and the topics we have discussed have all been educational and interesting.

Emma, Student, Norway


Learning English Through Medicine

Summer Boarding Courses’ Medicine programmes are designed to teach the English language through studying Medicine. In these courses, English language and Medicine tuition are integrated together, so that knowledge of both subjects is improved at the same time.

Our Medicine programmes have the following four objectives:

  • Content: Improving the knowledge of Medicine
  • Communication: Studying through a communicative and collaborative approach to learning, with the aim of improving English language proficiency
  • Cognition: All courses at SBC focus on developing 21st Century Skills, such as critical thinking skills, collaborative skills and presentation skills.
  • Culture: All courses include the cross-cultural benefits of studying in a multi-national environment
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Time to Shine

The objective of Summer Boarding Courses’ Medicine programmes is for our students to feel better informed about what it is like to study Medicine in higher education, as well as for them to develop key practical medical skills, including being equipped and qualified to give First Aid response. Students will furthermore develop broader 21st century skills, such as communication skills, collaboration skills, critical thinking skills, research skills and presentation skills.

Why Study Medicine at Summer Boarding Courses?

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