Environment Summer School

In recent decades, the environment has seen an extraordinary level of industrial contamination, as well as an acute geopolitical effort to address the damage caused. Our Sustainable Futures course looks at the role of states and organisations and the impact they have on our environmental management. Our aim is to provide students with a more sophisticated theoretical and applied understanding of environmental sciences, focusing on the causes, complications and solutions to an increasingly challenging environmental health crisis.

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The teacher really brought the subject to life. I enjoyed learning about lots of different authors and improving my own writing style.

Giulia, Student, Italy


Preparing For University

Sustainable Futures is designed to prepare students between the ages of 14-17 for UK University study. The objective of the course is to build English language skills, and the academic and soft skills essential for university students.  The programme aims to inspire confidence, develop critical thinking and creative problem solving, and to teach the essential academic skills needed to become successful at university. The course is available for students with an Upper Intermediate level (B2) or above.

Student smiling and concentrating in class

English For Academic Purposes

Sustainable Futures introduces the core academic skills essential to success at University: crucial analysis, presentation of opinion, and essay writing. Within each lesson, there is a core lecture, reading and speaking exercises, and writing or presentation preparation. Through critical thinking development and critical engagement with the subject, students will explore different ideas related to environmental sciences and debate their opinions academically.

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