As the oldest university in the English-speaking world, Oxford is a unique and historic institution. There is no clear date of foundation, but teaching existed at Oxford in some form in 1096 and developed rapidly from 1167, when Henry II banned English students from attending the University of Paris.

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There are 39 Oxford colleges, which are financially independent and self-governing, but relate to the central University in a kind of federal system. There are also six permanent private halls, which are similar to colleges except that they tend to be smaller, and were founded by particular Christian denominations.

Of the 39 Oxford colleges, SBC operates at two of them.

Wycliffe Hall and University College

Wycliffe Hall

Wycliffe Hall is a Church of England theological college and a Permanent Private Hall of the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. It is named after the Bible translator and reformer John Wycliffe, who was master of Balliol College, Oxford in the 14th century. Wycliffe Hall was founded in 1877.

University College

More than 600 years older than Wycliffe Hall is University College which is a constituent college of the University of Oxford. It has a claim to being the oldest college of the university, having been founded in 1249 by William of Durham.

In The Times university ranking list, The University of Oxford still holds first place as the best university to study at anywhere in the world. 


Wycliffe Hall

Wycliffe Hall can be found on Banbury Road which is a long pleasant street full of language schools, old town houses and bed and breakfasts. It can be found just heading north out of the city centre and is a stone throw away from University Parks, which is arguably one of the best green spaces in the entire city.

University College

Proudly known as Univ, University College is centrally located in Oxford on the High Street between the Magdalen Bridge and Carfax Tower. It neighbors many of Oxford’s best-known shops and cafes and is a three minute walk from Oxford’s iconic landmark Radcliffe Camera as well as the very lamppost that inspired C.S. Lewis in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe where Lucy first met Mr Tumnus.


In terms of reputable figures with a profound influence on modern day Britain, famous Oxonians include: Tony Blair, W.H. Auden, Sir John Betjeman, Hugh Grant, and Oscar Wilde. 

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Wycliffe College

At Wycliffe there are cosy sized single rooms, many with either a pleasant street view or one overlooking the garden. There’s an intimate canteen with a pleasant wooden cabin type feel, which really lends itself to chatting over lunch and making new friends. Wycliffe has a large common room with sofas, bean bags, kitchen facilities and a large pool table, just perfect for chilling out after a long excursion. There is a laundry room situated next to the main office, and the laundry is collected and given out at specific times throughout the week to avoid any overcrowding in the entrance hall.

And last and by no means least, is the large relaxing garden outside with a marquee, which gives students the feeling of spending their summer at a small festival. There, students usually play table football, throw a frisbee, read a book, and have a kick about. All in all, at Wycliffe you can find the perfect setting to build a kind and trusting community.  

And in addition to what can be found on campus, University Parks is less than a five minute walk round the corner. For those who like to jog, a lap around the park is 2.3km, which is great for beginners or if you want to double it up and do a 5km or more, you easily can. For activities at University Parks, Wycliffonians often capture the flag, play touch rugby, do arts and crafts, meditation, yoga, amongst many more games. For sporting activities such as basketball, badminton, and swimming a modern leisure centre is booked. Needless to say that Wycliffe Hall comes fully equipped with WiFi.

University College

It may be the oldest, but nothing about Univ in terms of facilities feels lagging behind. Like all of Oxford’s colleges Univ comes equipped with a gym, library, café, and a chapel,

As a student, you will be taking meals in the seventeenth century Dining Hall. The Hall is open from 8am until around 9pm and breakfast, lunch, and dinner is taken here. Formal summer school events may also take place in the Hall. You can also use the Hall to relax while connected to WiFi.

The College laundry rooms are located in the basement at the bottom of staircase 11 and in Stavertonia. They have washing machines, drying machines and a number of Ironing boards with irons. The machines cost £1.50 per wash or dry and payment is made by card.



English Level: Intermediate (B1) or Above

Ideal for ambitious students wishing to develop their understanding of the political and economic foundations of the contemporary world in preparation for future studies.

Ideal for ambitious students wishing to develop their understanding of the political and economic foundations of the contemporary world in preparation for future studies. On this course you will broaden your knowledge of key concepts and evaluate the ideologies and values at the heart of different political systems, gaining an understanding of international geopolitical trends.

Through the development of your own political campaigns in our active collaborative project, you will apply your newfound knowledge and develop key presentation skills and interpersonal skills. Our unique Industry Experience programme will give you authentic insight into life and studies in politics and economics while being able to rub shoulders with professionals in the field. Topics studied on the course include economic growth, public spending, taxation, economic systems, parliament, and political parties.


Our Business and Leadership course will prepare you for success in your future university business studies and career. You will develop both your practical business skills and soft skills while acquiring the knowledge of the latest trends and practices in business. Subjects include budgeting and finance, marketing, sustainability and growth, as well as the communication skills necessary for success in business.

The course is delivered in a dynamic blend of lesson types such as seminars and lectures, with coaching sessions to support your university application.

You will participate in an entrepreneurial Design Sprint to engage practically with your learning by creating your own start-up company or by designing a new product. You will also benefit from authentic Industry Experience, meeting experts in the field of business and visiting real workplaces.

Subjects in Business & Leadership include budgeting and finance, marketing, sustainability and growth, as well as the development of the communication skills necessary for success in business.


Take the next steps on your path towards the legal profession and kickstart your universities law studies. Tailored for the lawyers, barristers and solicitors of tomorrow, our Law course will broaden your understanding of key legal concepts and enhance your ability to construct legal arguments. During the course you will discover how law and lawyers function in different legal fields and analyse a range of fundamental legal theories through interesting and engaging case studies that cover areas of tort, international and human rights law. Students will have the unique opportunity to experience the English judicial system through our Industry Workshop Programme. 


Our Mathematics course is designed for students wishing to experience what it is like to study mathematics at undergraduate level. Students will develop their understanding of core advanced subjects such as Group Theory, Fractals, Kinematics and Conditional Probability. The programme has a practical foundation with project work and communicative tasks, making the course challenging yet lively and interactive.

Our qualified and experienced mathematics team have substantial experience in blue-chip universities in both the UK and USA and guide your education through a dynamic combination of practical-based sessions, lectures, seminars and project tasks.



In our Medicine course, students will develop practical skills, medical knowledge and English language ability as they start their journey to becoming a doctor, or work in the health industry. Additionally, students will receive practical advice on studying Medicine at university, as well as taking part in full First Aid training during the course. Beyond medical theory and practice, we look at the role of Medicine in a wider, ethical context to develop students’ critical thinking skills and understanding of important issues in public health.



In London, students will have the opportunity to explore some of the capital’s most famous landmarks as well as enjoying some free-time for shopping.

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In Cambridge, we’ll visit some of the city’s most famous colleges, and go punting on the River Cam.

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To end the two weeks in style students will graduate at either Cherwell Boathouse or Oxford Town Hall. 

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We hope our guide to SBC at Oxford College has got you as excited about the coming summer as we are, and we hope you have a much clearer picture of all the fantastic opportunities on the horizon at this truly unique and historic university.

If there are any questions or queries in which you would like more information on then our dedicated admissions team are always on hand to answer any of your queries and are here to help you every step of the way.

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