Politics & Economics at Oxford College

Prepare for your future by developing your understanding of the political and economic landscape of the contemporary world. Our Politics & Economics course at Oxford will broaden your knowledge of key concepts and evaluate the ideologies and values at the heart of different political systems, helping you to gain an understanding of international geopolitical trends.

Discover your future path to a career in politics and economics this summer at Oxford.

At a Glance

  • Price: £5,995
  • For Ages: 16-17
  • Course Length: 2 Weeks
  • English Level: B1+
  • Starting Dates: 2nd July, 16th July,  30th July 2023
  • Location: Oxford University

What you’ll learn

Students will explore specific areas of Politics & Economics through a range of interactive group activities, drawing on discussions, debates, case studies, and engaging content.

Amongst many political subject areas, you will consider the role of referendums in a democracy, assessing their benefits and drawbacks and how they dovetail with other political processes in the UK.

Industry Experience

The course includes unique Industry Experience visits in which you will explore your chosen field and work alongside professionals to gain insight into the world of politics and economics and to benefit from their personal expertise.

Why Choose?

  • Strengthen your understanding of the political and economic foundations of the contemporary world, including a focus on the types of government found throughout the world.
  • Be inspired by subject lectures delivered by guest speakers who give you a taste of undergraduate-level study.
  • Our seminars will push you to take an active role in your learning, inspiring you to put theory into practice.
  • Broaden your awareness of financial and economical factors by making the most of exclusive visits to real workplaces, where you can gain direct connection with industry professionals.
  • Build your confidence as a public speaker by designing your own election campaign and delivering your own formal campaign speech to a live audience.
  • Be inspired by real case studies on economic growth and form proposals based on real examples.

Course Outcomes

  • Develop your core 21st Century skills through subject focussed research projects strengthening your thinking, interpersonal and collaborative skills to help provide you with an influential voice in your studies and future career.
  • Begin to form your own influential voice in Politics & Economics to help your leadership skills develop.
  • A deeper understanding of the processes and systems of the UK government.

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“After a summer with SBC I feel a lot different. When I came here I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with my future…by experiencing all of these subjects I’ve got a better picture of what I want to do now. I have learnt a lot and I am ready for my future”

Jaspar, Oxford College

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