Oxford College Law Summer School

Take the next steps on your journey to launching a rewarding career in Law.

Our Law course, designed for the lawyers, barristers, and solicitors of the future, will help deepen your understanding of important legal concepts and improve your capacity to formulate legal arguments.

Through our industry workshop programme, students will have the unique opportunity to gain first hand insight into the English judicial system. As part of our immersive Time to Shine group assignments, students will also have the opportunity to present their exciting research projects to their peers.

At a Glance

  • Price: £5,995
  • Ages: 16-17
  • English Level: B1+
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Starting Dates: 2nd July, 16th July, 30th July 2023
  • Location: Oxford University

What you’ll learn

You will activate your legal knowledge and be challenged to produce rational arguments through our practical week-long moot trial. You will simultaneously build your team work skills while also constructing a convincing argument for prosecution or defence referring to real cases and precedents, before participating in a full mock trial at the end of the week in front of an audience of your peers, tutors and college mentors.

By enrolling onto our Law course at Oxford College you will learn:

  • Key legal concepts.
  • How to enhance your ability to construct legal arguments.
  • How to analyse a range of fundamental legal theories through interesting and engaging case studies that cover areas of tort, international and human rights law.
  • A deeper understanding of the English judicial system through our Industry Experience programme.
  • How to begin finding your voice as a lawyer through practical simulations of a judicial trial or legal case in which you will have to develop and present sound legal arguments.
  • How lawyers function in different legal fields.

Why Choose Law at Oxford College?

  • Feel inspired in taking the next steps towards the legal profession and kickstart your further education Law studies.
  • Empower yourself with the legal knowledge and authority required to build confident and persuasive arguments.
  • This course will enable you to receive expert insight from legal professionals.
  • One of the highlights of higher education is the experience of listening to a special guest lecturer impart meaningful knowledge and insight. Students are exposed to new theories and more subject-specific academic language and will join the dots between theory and practical application.

Course Outcomes

  • Core fundamental skills in which you can use to launch your future law career.
  • Professional expert insight into what a career in law entails.
  • The chance to meet and learn alongside motivated like minded peers with the same future aspirations as you.
  • An opportunity to enhance key 21st century skills through week-long judicial simulation projects
    The chance to boost your leadership and presentation skills through taking an active role in a formal moot trial.

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“I have found the social side of SBC really amazing. It is really easy to make friends here from all over the world and I have plenty of new connections”

Max, Headington

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