International Relations Summer School

Interested in a career in politics, journalism, or diplomacy?

If you have ever wanted to deepen your knowledge on global issues that form today’s political and humanitarian environment, then International Relations is the course for you.

Throughout the programme, you will analyse the international landscape by studying real-life political models and contemporary global issues, as well as testing yourself with a range of interactive and challenging role-play scenarios. This course will enhance your skills in presenting, negotiation, and diplomacy, which makes International Relations the perfect platform to bolster future study in politics, journalism, and diplomacy.

At a Glance

  • Price: £5,995
  • Ages: 16-17
  • English Level: B1+
  • Course Length: 2 weeks
  • Starting Dates: 2nd July, 16th July, 30th July 2023
  • Location: University of Oxford

What you’ll learn

  • Key themes and concepts at the heart of International Relations
  • Essential soft skills necessary to take a leading role in the field of International Relations, such as interpersonal communication and diplomacy.
  • How to analyse key current events that shape the international landscape.
  • Learning first-hand from industry professionals what a career in International Relations entails.

Why Choose International Relations?

  • Enhance your ability to evaluate authentic situations and grow in confidence in being able to consider actual alternatives and realistic solutions to complex problems.
  • Strengthen your knowledge and develop your skills through discussion-based seminars, university-style lectures and case study workshops.
  • Boost your ability to make critical decisions, think logically and speak persuasively.
  • Gain first-hand authentic insight from leaders in the field of International Relations, through a morning with a diplomat and a visit to a world-leading university department.

Course Outcomes

  • Feel more informed than ever before on whether a career in International Relations is right for you.
  • Enhanced presentation skills and techniques
  • Improved abilities in debating and diplomacy.
  • Refined 21st-century skills in preparation for your future career.

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SBC has allowed me to see the world through a whole different lens. I heard diverse opinions and stories from other students, which enabled me to not only be a good listener, but understand them as if I was in their shoes. These skills are indispensable for both my future career and my life.

Tiffany, Student, Indonesia

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