Summer Boarding courses partners with some of the world’s leading schools, colleges, universities and educational institutions to deliver the highest quality experiences for young people aged 6-17. Summer Boarding Courses is part of the Duke Education group and operates internationally. We’re committed to providing all of our students with an exceptional learning experience. Summer Boarding Courses guarantees a truly multinational environment that encourages cross-cultural learning, collaboration and friendship.

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SEK Education

SEK Education Group boasts a pioneering education model, based on over 130 years of innovation, focused on the all-around development of students’ intellectual, emotional, cognitive, physical, artistic skills and abilities.

SEK Education is for students who want to live an international experience abroad, their courses and camps combine sports, culture, technology and languages, making learning and improving a foreign language something dynamic and fun. Water sports, mountain and snow sports, hiking, skating, rugby, Gaelic football or hockey are some of the activities that these students can experience and enjoy together as well as movie making workshops, website design, photography, digital music, cooking and drama.

Summer SEK
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SBC collaborates with EtonX to bring you a range of cutting-edge online courses

Future Skills
Our partners at EtonX offer a wide range of one-week courses designed to develop key 21st Century Skills including; Resilience, Creative problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Writing Skills, Entrepreneurship, and Making an Impact.

University Preparation
These courses are perfect for any student preparing to apply for university. Understand the process of applying to a top university, and develop key skills to improve your Personal Statement Writing and Interview Skills.

Catalyst by Winchester College

Ages 15-17

SBC are collaborating with Winchester College, one of the world’s leading secondary schools, which has recently launched ‘Catalyst’, a 2-week immersive digital summer programme taking place 18 – 29 July 2022 for ambitious and curious students from across the globe. Catalyst is a novel, selective course for no more than 30 students who want to thrive in a world of rapid change.

The course is built around the topic of ‘change’, helping students to develop the mindset and hard skills needed to understand, analyse, and catalyse change in the world. Catalyst has been developed, and will be delivered by, a dedicated team of Winchester College teachers, together with a panel of experts from fields as diverse as polar ecology, theoretical physics, and the special forces, among other keynote speakers from industry, entrepreneurship, sustainability, academia, and more. To find out more and apply now, simply fill out the enquiry form below.

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