SBC at Twyford School – English Explorers

At a Glance

  • Ages: 8-12
  • Course length: 2 Weeks
  • English level: All Abilities A1-C1
  • Start dates: 16th July, 30th July 2023
  • Location: Twyford School
  • Academic Content: 12.5 Hours of Lessons per Week
  • Maximum Class Size: 15
  • Course price: £3,200

English Explorers

Our general English course provides fun and engaging lessons that not only progress your child’s English skills but also inspire them to be lifelong learners of the language.

Our English Explorers course is designed to be interactive and give students the everyday language skills they need to make new friends from the UK and around the world. By focusing on improving your child’s vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing and speaking through project work and games, our primary aim is to provide your child with every opportunity to use their English in fun real-world situations.

Everything we do on our English Explorers course at Twyford is to help our young learners to truly love and feel proud of their progress in English. Everything we achieve begins with the nurturing, supportive and enthusiastic presence of our compassionate staff who are dedicated to providing your children with an amazing learning experience that will live with them for years to come.

Why Choose

Our Communicative Method

All of our teachers follow a communicative method to teaching English. This means that all activities, no matter if they are focused on grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing or speaking, involve the students communicating with each other in English at all appropriate times. By adopting this method students:

  • Boost their confidence in speaking
  • Enhance their ability in listening to English for longer periods.
  • Improve their ability to use new vocabulary.
  • Through fun activities and positive reinforcement, our students feel inspired to keep using the language.

Our teachers use a variety of modern teaching approaches to make sure students have the right balance of individual work, pair work and group work, in order to maximise their learning experience and build their confidence when communicating in English.

What you’ll learn

All of our classes are taught using a communicative method which places speaking and communicating as the number one goal. A huge benefit of this is that our young learners:

  • Develop key skills, including communication, collaboration and teamwork skills.
  • Students get to complete a series of dynamic and interactive challenges in a practical setting.
  • Our English Explorers at Twyford also participate in our teamwork challenges. Previous challenges include the construction of a working marble run and the building of balloon-powered cars.
  • Through our innovative and highly social Time to Shine module, students are encouraged to exchange ideas, collaborate, show initiative and improve their confidence, all whilst having fun.
  • Our young learner programme at Twyford also offers the unique experience of integrating with local British children onsite during activity sessions. This is an amazing opportunity for your child to use their English to make new friends and create long-lasting memories.

What’s Included

  • Comfortable Accommodation
  • Breakfast and Dinner in School Canteen + Packed Lunch To Enjoy Alongside Local British Children
  • English Explorer Lessons
  • Progress Report and End-of-Course Certificate
  • 2 Full-Day Trips Per 2 Week Course (Transport & Entrance Fees Included)
  • Activity Programme (Including Some Sessions Integrating with Local British Children)
  • Full Evening Activity Programme
  • Laundry Service
  • SBC Twyford Summer School T-shirt
  • UK SIM Card (where necessary)
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Course Outcomes

At SBC Twyford, by taking part in a series of dynamic tasks and projects, such as making short films, photography exhibitions, drama performances, team challenges and class competitions, students can use their English in an imaginative and productive way.

In class, by using English at every opportunity to mirror real-world situations through games and interactive group work, our students are always immersed in fun activities that they want to feel part of. In addition to this, the unique opportunity to meet and get to know British children will give your child a truly immersive experience and a great opportunity to make new friends. By the end of the course, our goal is to give your child great confidence in their English language abilities and to boost their motivation once regular English classes resume back home.

Academic Sample


I’ve learnt a lot in my English class that I wouldn’t have learnt in school and I am definitely more social now

Emily, Student

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