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As we look ahead to welcoming students for another summer, we wanted to share some new and exciting developments that have been added to SBC. From stunning new locations, inspirational new courses, to exciting new partnerships, we are delighted to share what SBC has on the horizon for 2023.

Twyford Summer School, UK Summer school

Twyford School

For our younger learners between 8 – 12 we are thrilled to add Twyford Summer School to our glowing roster of schools.

Situated just an hour southwest of London and close to the historic city of Winchester, outside of the summer Twyford School is a co-ed prep school for 2 -13 year olds for the rest of the year round, and is one of the oldest prep schools in the country dating back to the late 18th century.

The school itself sits within 22 acres of breathtaking countryside. As well as a strong sense of prestige and tradition from its older buildings, Twyford School also boasts modern teaching facilities where students can benefit from our experiential learning style.

With stunning views of the South Downs and so much space for children to enjoy, Twyford School has an atmosphere where children can feel immediately at home, making it the perfect environment for children to form friendships and take part in a wide variety of fun activities.

At Twyford our main programme will be English Explorers, which is a dynamic general English course made up of fun and inspiring lessons to help your child’s English skills take off.

The goal behind English Explorers is to help inspire a fearless mentality towards speaking English and help develop a lifelong love of the language. The course is interactive every step of the way, and is designed to give students the everyday language skills they need to make new friends from the UK and across the globe. By focusing on upgrading your child’s vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing and speaking through project work and exciting activities, our key aim is to give your child every chance to use their English in fun real-world scenarios.

With its proud history and idyllic village setting, Twyford school evokes a safe and nurturing family atmosphere giving you calming reassurance and unforgettable memories for your children.

Join us at Twyford this summer for an unforgettable experience of learning and adventure! Have your child bring back a love of English which will help them through their studies and beyond.


Wadham College

As part of our vision of offering as authentic a taste of university life as possible, we are able to offer students the unique chance of experiencing one of Oxford University’s most loved colleges.

Founded in 1610 by Dorothy Wadham, the College is one of the largest in Oxford with 250 graduate students and 450 undergraduates, and notably within the history of the university itself, Wadham was one of the first (male) Oxford colleges to admit women. Today, Wadham is known for being an inclusive and welcoming college with a diverse and supportive community, and we are extremely excited to be working with an institution whose values match our own.

With easy access to Oxford city centre and close to University Parks, students will be fully immersed in the distinct Oxford atmosphere and if they are lucky, may even get to sample some classic Shakespeare plays which are often put on in the charming surroundings of the college garden.

Behind Wadham’s enchanting college walls, students will find spacious single-room accommodation built in the traditional Oxford format of ‘staircases’, and a whole range of modern amenities including common rooms, a grand hall, and a cafeteria.

In such impressive surroundings, we have no doubts that our learners will find Wadham a comfortable place to live and an even more inspiring place to study.

New courses 

In SBC’s classrooms for 2023 we are excited to branch out into classical subjects such as History and Architecture and fascinating social science disciplines like Psychology, as well as providing our students with the chance to explore modern digital media in Breaking Digital.

In short, we are delighted to further add to our current selection of courses at the colleges, giving you every chance to enrol on programmes that can have an influential impact on deciding your future career and studies.

So let’s have a quick glance at what new academic courses are available in 2023.

History Summer School


To understand how to analyse the past as a historian, students will get the opportunity to study various historical periods from the mediaeval to the early modern at Eton College this summer.

To help develop crucial 21st-century abilities such as collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving that are necessary for undergraduate study and beyond. Students will have the exciting challenge of working in groups to produce their own short film about how future generations will remember the modern age.

With a castle next door in surroundings where former prime ministers were taught, what better place to study History?


Students interested in building an exciting future as an architect will be able to do so in the inspiring surroundings of Cambridge this summer

Our two-week programme is tailor-made for students looking for an inspiring introduction to the study of Architecture, which will help lay the foundations for a future career in the field. In the architecturally diverse city of Cambridge, students will be able to develop their understanding of architecture as a collaborative practice by taking part in our Time to Shine group projects. Classes will be able to utilise their subject knowledge and future-focused skill set studied throughout the course whilst working closely with their classmates to deliver thought-provoking presentations of their own.

From being inspired by the architecture of the past to designing blueprints of the future, our Cambridge College Architecture course is designed to help best prepare our young architects for the challenges ahead.

Architecture Summer School
Psychology Summer School

Psychology Summer School 

As well as architecture, students will be able to grasp core ideas of psychology at Cambridge College this summer and gain invaluable insight into what learning psychology is like at university.

With the exciting challenge of our Time to Shine group project work, students will also get the chance to develop their critical thinking, effective research, and presentational abilities, making our Psychology Summer School the ideal springboard for higher education and beyond.

Breaking Digital

Those who are considering a future career in journalism or content creation will not want to miss out on our new Breaking Digital programme at Earlscliffe. Once onboard you will be able to develop technical skills in creating video, audio and text output to help bring the latest political, cultural and social discussion to a wider audience, in what promises to be a highly dynamic and hugely relevant course practising skills which have crucial daily application in the field of digital media.

If you are looking to enhance your knowledge on how the news is made and delivered, then you will find Breaking Digital at Earlscliffe a highly instructive and practical course in which you can develop your digital media knowledge.

Breaking Digital - UK Summer School

 Online Courses –  Catalyst 

For students looking for an online course, we are excited to be able to recommend Winchester College’s Catalyst. A modern digital learning platform aiming to help students understand how economic, social, scientific, technological, and cultural change occur around the world.

By signing up to this innovative platform students will find answers to the questions of what real change actually is, what does it mean to make change? And when is change good vs. bad?


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For 2023 we have so many exciting new developments on the horizon we cannot wait for you to experience.

Whether you are looking for an exciting English learning programme at Twyford for your little one, or are interested in History, Architecture, Psychology, Breaking Digital or any of our existing programmes, at SBC we have courses that appeal to a wide range of academic interests and ages.

To learn more about any of our existing summer school programmes or more about any that are mentioned above, we’d love to hear from you and how we can help your child find their spark and reach their potential for 2023.

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