What is STEM?

Want to know more about STEM? Perhaps you are thinking of studying a STEM course or STEM subjects. If so, you may want to study at a STEM summer camp in the UK. We have put together a guide to STEM education with some frequently asked questions to help you decide. 

1. What are STEM subjects?

STEM is an abbreviation that stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM is a multi-disciplinary approach which allows students to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics making connections between the classroom and the real-world.  

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2. Why should I study STEM subjects at a STEM summer course in the UK?

STEM is everywhere – at home, in classrooms, shops, transport and even at your summer school! Items that you use every day are shaped by science and technological innovations. 

A study, ‘Jobs of the Future’, from Social Market Foundation reveals that science, research, engineering and technology jobs will grow at double the rate of other occupations creating 142,000 extra jobs between now and 2031. 

Undertaking a STEM summer course in the UK will give you the chance to explore this exciting and varied academic field. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are all huge subjects in their own right and if these are subjects that interest you, now is the time to discover where your true passions lie. 

STEM summer camps allow you to dive into the most exciting aspects of each subject and it will give you a chance to consider which of these you might like to pursue further in your education. 

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3. Where can I study STEM courses or STEM subjects?

If you’re interested and think that you would like to study STEM with us, then we have an exciting option for you at Canford Summer School. In our 2-week,  Introduction to STEM course at SBC Canford Summer School, 11-15-year-old students are able to study STEM in the mornings and have sports or arts activities in the afternoons. 

This course is designed for students who might not have studied STEM before, so whether you are completely new to STEM or you know a bit about it already, our two week course at Canford is a great choice for you. 

There is another option for older students who want to study Science, as we have a fantastic Natural Sciences programme at Cambridge College. Whilst it’s a slightly different course, students who are interested in STEM will also want to consider this combination of Biology, Chemistry and Physics at the beautiful Sancton Wood School based in Cambridge for 15-17-year-olds. 

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4. What careers can STEM subjects lead to?

STEM is increasingly becoming more than a buzz topic in education and employers are increasingly recognising the tangible skills that students with a background in STEM subjects have. 

Choosing a STEM subject at college and then university opens up many doors for different career paths, ranging from healthcare to aeronautics, from the creative to the mechanical and everything in between. 

Studying on a STEM course with us could help you to plan ahead and prepare for future STEM studies by starting to help you to develop important skills connected to the way you think, the way you work and, perhaps most importantly, the way you work with others. 

You’ll learn to be self-motivated and to think for yourself, to actively problem solve, to work in an organised manner and to succeed and thrive in a pressurised environment. Leading on from these independent skills you’ll also learn how to negotiate and work as part of a team, how to get the best out of others and how to really listen to ideas and take things on board. 

This careful preparation equips and upskills you for a future career in some of the most exciting fields in today’s world, including but not by any means limited to AI, Medicine, Engineering, Environmental Science, Software and hardware development, Biotech and Architecture. 


In Conclusion

With people becoming more and more reliant on modern technology, it is clear that the future is in STEM education.  

When it comes to blended learning and demonstrating to students how modern science has everyday application, STEM is a fantastic option, which enables students to build strong foundations for a wide range of potential STEM-related career paths in the future. 

To secure your place on a STEM or other Science related summer course at SBC, click on the link below and complete an enquiry form and a member of our helpful admissions team will get back to you.  

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