Shaping the future of science

Embark on a captivating scientific journey with SBC’s Natural Sciences course, and immerse yourself in the wonders of biology, chemistry and physics, discovering how these disciplines interweave to power life on Earth.

Explore the world of cell biology and biochemistry, and engage in enlightening discussions with academics who will illuminate the path of scientific discovery. And that’s just the beginning: participate in our Time To Shine projects and share your passion for Natural Sciences through engaging group presentations and inspire your peers.

We also offer access to a variety of scientific institutions, where you can dive into computing history, astronomy and even zoology! Every year, we curate unique experiences that connect you with the heart of contemporary scientific exploration. Our Natural Sciences course ensures a holistic view of science and provides exclusive insight into the forefront of scientific progress, and making theoretical concepts come alive through real-world perspectives.

At a Glance

With its history, culture and record number of Nobel Prize winners, few places can capture your imagination as much as Cambridge. Making it a perfect place to study Natural Sciences for the summer.

  • Price: £4,900
  • Ages: 15-17
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • English Level: B1+ (Intermediate and above)
  • Maximum Class Size: 15
  • Academic Content: 25 Hours Per Week
  • Starting Dates: 7th July, 21st July, 4th August 2024
  • Language Learning Support: Included
  • Location: Sancton Wood School, Cambridge
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What’s Included

✔ 25 hours of subject-specific academic content per week with an experienced subject tutor, delivered through interactive seminars and hands-on practical workshops

✔ Opportunities to apply and share this knowledge with your peers through dynamic group projects, culminating in the end-of-the-week Time to Shine Ceremony

✔ An action-packed programme of guest speakers and industry experiences each week designed to give you first-hand insight into your chosen field

✔ Dedicated academic coaching sessions designed to support you in applying for a UK university, whether that’s writing a personal statement or preparing for a presentation

✔ Numerous opportunities throughout your academic program to develop your English language skills, whether that’s building vocabulary to talk about your subject, or developing your speaking skills to present your Time To Shine project

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Our approach to your learning

Subject + skills + language = success

At the core of our student-centered academic approach is a commitment to nurturing not just your subject knowledge, but also your communication, critical thinking, and collaboration skills through interactive lectures, dynamic seminars, and hands-on practical workshops.

We also emphasise the development of your public speaking and teamwork through group work and our Time to Shine projects. And finally, our programme of engaging guest speakers and industry experiences brings real-world relevance to your learning. This immersive learning journey will empower you with the skills you need for success in the 21st century.

Course Objectives

Over the course of this two-week programme, you will:

  • Explore how biology, physics and chemistry all combine to power life on earth
  • Be introduced to cell biology and the biochemistry of life
  • Listen to guest speakers from leading academics in the field of Natural Science
  • Participate in our Time To Shine projects, sharing your passion and knowledge of Natural Sciences with your peers through an engaging group presentation
  • Develop and apply core 21st-century skills through fun and engaging lessons, including critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration
Time to Shine
Time to Shine

Time to Shine

Develop your public speaking skills. Share your passion. Inspire your classmates.

Today, giving great presentations are a vital skill for achieving academic and professional success. Our programmes reflect this by having the ‘art of presenting’ at the heart of their content, and allow you to discover new confidence when using English in public situations.

It’s more than just a chance to enhance your public speaking skills, though; it’s an opportunity for you to share your passion and subject knowledge with your fellow classmates. Through your presentations, you will become sources of inspiration, and encourage others to delve deeper into your subject.

Time to Shine

Over the two-week programme, you will participate in two Time To Shine Projects.

Week One: Scientific Discovery Expedition

In the first week’s “Time to Shine” project, students will embark on a Scientific Discovery Expedition. They will form teams and select a specific scientific topic or phenomenon to investigate, such as biodiversity in a local ecosystem, geological formations, or climate patterns. Students will conduct field research, collect data, and analyze their findings. They will then present their discoveries to the class, explaining the scientific significance and implications of their research. This project encourages hands-on scientific inquiry, data analysis, teamwork, and presentation skills.

Week Two: Sustainable Solutions Symposium

In the second week’s “Time to Shine” project, students will collaborate to organise a Sustainable Solutions Symposium. Each team will focus on a particular environmental or sustainability issue, such as renewable energy, conservation, or waste reduction. Students will research innovative solutions and develop proposals for addressing their chosen problem. They will create informative presentations and interactive exhibits for the symposium, which will be open to the school community. This project not only highlights the importance of environmental stewardship but also encourages students to explore practical solutions to pressing global challenges. It fosters research skills, communication, and a sense of responsibility towards sustainability and the natural world.

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Academic Sample


Industry Experience

Industry Experience

Dive deeper into your field beyond the classroom

Enhance your academic foundation with our comprehensive Industry Experience sessions. These sessions are both on-site, in which you will participate in workshops on-campus that are led by an industry professional and blend practical engagement with immersive learning, and off-site, in which students engage in excursions that complement your course content and will broaden your horizons.

Over the course of the two-week Natural Sciences programme, students explore renowned scientific institutions, offering students the chance to learn about the diversity of animal life, astronomy, and beyond. Each year, we seek out opportunities that amplify the learning experience, ensuring students connect with the heartbeat of contemporary scientific exploration.

In previous Industry Experiences, students on this course visited the Museum of Zoology, and the Institute of Astronomy. They also took part in Natural Sciences themed ‘escape room’ experience.

Guest Speakers


Leaders of today inspiring the Leaders of tomorrow

Every Wednesday morning, students can interact with leading professionals and academics. These sessions offer insightful discussions, expert views, and Q&A sessions that promote intellectual growth.

The field of Natural Sciences spans a vast range of topics, from the study of cells to stars in the sky. At SBC, we aim to mirror this vast spectrum, providing students with a holistic view of the multifaceted world of science. Students can expect sessions with leading figures across various scientific disciplines. These engagements provide a unique chance to glean insights from those at the forefront of their fields, from social science to cutting-edge research, making theoretical concepts come alive through real-world perspectives.

Academic Coaching


Stand out and shine

Whether you’re looking to apply for a UK university or just keen to make sure your university application is as strong as possible, our academic coaching sessions aim to ensure you stand apart from your peers.

These workshops will not just focus on writing personal statements and preparing for university, but also help you to develop your public speaking skills, an integral skill for university courses.

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With its good academic programme and friendly staff, we are very happy to be a member of SBC. My daughter returned with unforgettable memories from the course.

Evren, Parent, Turkey



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