Introduction to STEM

What could be better than building your English whilst igniting your passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics?

Students who study STEM at Canford have the unique chance to study at a school that is frequently shortlisted as the best public school in the United Kingdom.

At Canford we believe that your English language abilities will go on to be a key asset in the incredible creations of tomorrow, which is why we are so passionate about training students in how STEM disciplines can be joined together to tackle real-world challenges.

At Canford you can start the spark that will ignite your STEM aspirations.

At A Glance

With its idyllic grounds and impressive facilities, discover why Canford School recently won Public Boarding School of the year and is the perfect place to be a STEM Explorer.

  • Price: £3,900
  • Ages: 11-15
  • Course length: 2 Weeks
  • English level: B1+ (Intermediate and Above)
  • Starting Dates: 8th & 22nd July
  • Academic Content: 15 Hours of Lessons per Week
  • Maximum Class Size: 15
  • Location: Canford School


What you’ll learn

Students examine how the four STEM fields – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – are used to advance contemporary technology.

Students will also participate in imaginative and cooperative workgroup design projects as part of our Time to Shine programme, where students put STEM theories and ideas into practice.

In our classes students get to study the mechanical and scientific principles that underpin an aeroplane’s engine, wheel, and other components.

How cutting-edge technology and design is using STEM to lessen humanity’s carbon footprint.

Why Choose This Course?

Be part of a cross curricular exploration of scientific and technological principles, which have defined the innovations we rely on each day.

Work in groups made up of classmates from all around the world, mirroring the working environment of university institutions and multinational professional environments around the globe.

Learn how to put essential 21st century skills into practice.

Refine your abilities in conducting research, evaluating a project, as well as designing and developing a scientific or technological idea or thesis.

Better your ability to prepare a presentation and to demonstrate your scientific findings connected to technological design.

By asking students to take part in such research and development tasks that culminate in presentations, you will not only build your knowledge of STEM subjects, but will be building your English language skills as well.

What You’ll Get

While studying STEM at Canford, you will have the chance to gain a fundamental grasp of technological and scientific concepts , which will assist laying the groundwork for any future studies or careers connected to STEM.

This course is ideal for you if you have a passion for creating innovative prototypes that could be used for current challenges like environmental protection, biomedical technology, robotics, and civil engineering.

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My son was extremely happy about this experience. He enjoyed the campus life and all the activities. He met new friends from different countries with different cultures and he was able, thanks to the staff, to really have fun with all of them. He improved his English and his knowledge of English culture. GREAT!!! This experience was magic! A journey around the world!

Giovanna, Parent, Italy

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