SBC at Eton College (Ages 12-16)

Business at Eton College

Our Business course has been developed for young business people of the future. On the course, students will improve their confidence in using English, and develop their business skills whilst gaining knowledge of the latest business practices. Subjects in Business include; budgeting and finance, marketing, sustainability and growth, as well as the development of the English language skills necessary for success in business. As part of our Time to Shine project, students will work together to create and develop a business plan for a new start-up company and deliver a product pitch to a panel of judges.

SBC at Eton College

At a Glance

  • Course Length: 2 Weeks
  • Class Size: Maximum 15 Students
  • Hours of English Through Academic Subjects Tuition: 40
  • Age Range: 12 to 16 Years
  • Suitable For English Level: Intermediate (B1) or Above
  • Key Skills Developed: English language skills, confidence in speaking and presenting, communication skills, research, critical evaluation skills, understanding of core business concepts
SBC at Eton College grounds and view of the school
Using English in a meaningful way

What You’ll Learn

This exciting course has several learning objectives:

  • To improve students’ proficiency in English
  • To gain a better understanding of core business concepts relating to setting up a company
  • To use analytical reasoning and critical evaluation skills to adopt competitive strategies
  • To combine theory with real-world application, through case studies and a visit to a thriving, successful business
  • To enhance communication skills and deliver effective arguments in a range of different contexts
  • To develop effective presentation and leadership skills
  • To improve all-round confidence in using English communicatively

What You’ll Take Away

Through practical and theoretical lessons and assignments our students will successfully complete the course with a developed set of core business skills, business knowledge and business in practice. Whether students have an interest in business, marketing or finance, this course will give them the opportunity to apply their new skills to projects and assist them in preparing for their aspiring profession.

Through practical and theoretical lessons and assignments, our students will successfully complete the course with a new confidence in their English ability, and improved knowledge of the world of business.

headington oxford student doing a presentation on stage
Exciting, collaborative, research and presentation tasks

Time to Shine

Our Time to Shine programme allows students to take part in a collaborative project where they will develop the concept and business plan for a new start-up company. As part of this project students will give a sales pitch presentation about their start-up company and product to a panel of judges who will offer valuable feedback and guidance. By working together students will develop vital key skills needed in business, such as negotiating strategies, interpersonal communication, teamwork, and presentation skills. Time to Shine is a great opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and skills to something that they have created and developed as a team.

Featured Modules

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Business takes place at SBC at Eton College Summer School (Ages 12 – 16).  To find out more about our SBC at Eton College campus including accommodation, activities, excursions, and prices and dates visit our campus page.

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