Art & Design Summer School

Our Art and Design Course is tailored specifically for artistic students to find their flair. The course gives students the opportunity to explore a range of media, whilst developing their English language skills with new friends from all around the world.

Students explore a range of creative projects including art, film, fashion and environmentalism in an environment where creativity is encouraged and nurtured.

At A Glance

Discover a unique independent school that celebrates individuality and inspires artistic expression. Experience the local history of Charles Dickens whilst living and studying a short train ride from London. See what it is about Rochester that makes it a perfect place to study art this summer.

  • Price: £3,200
  • Ages: 13 – 17
  • Course length: 2 Weeks
  • English level: B1 and above
  • Starting Dates: July 9th & 23rd 2023
  • Location: Rochester Independent School
Art & Design at Rochester College

What you’ll learn

Our course is practical, hands-on and creative from the very start. Through a series of guided tuition sessions, active workshops, independent and collaborative tasks, you will learn the finer details of different forms of art and design before experimenting with each of them to communicate, problem-solve and inspire.

Key sessions include:

  • Get your pencil moving – A creativity blitz introducing ideation techniques
  • What do you see? – Drawing the world around you in your eyes, with your voice
  • Art Therapy – Representing emotions in drawing and communicating feelings
  • Fine art skills, including: Pinhole photography, photograms, observational drawing, book making, acrylic painting and printmaking.

Time to Shine

  • Showcase your creative talents
  • Impact global issues
  • Develop team working skills

At the end of each week, students will have the opportunity to showcase their work in a series of presentations and displays across the College campus in the students’ own Art Festival. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to show off all the new skills and techniques they have learned during the course.

Examples of these projects include:

  • Creative Arts Project – the ultimate freedom of expression. With a topic and a team, you will have a week to create a meaningful and impactful global message through any artistic form of your choice and present it to an audience of your tutors and classmates. With the guidance of your teacher, this project will propel you to discover and shape your voice in art and design in relation to global issues such as the environment, equality, mental health and peace.
  • Film Project – during this project you will construct and express your views on a global issue of your choice through the medium of film. You will have a week in groups to craft both your ideas and your team working skills to ideate, storyboard, film, produce and edit a memorable and profound comment on a subject dear to your heart. The grand finale of the week is a full school screening of your films.


As you discover different forms of expression throughout your course you will collect all the work you produce into a formal portfolio, packed with all the prototypes, unfinished drafts (you never know where you will find your next great idea!) and final products you design over the week, forming an impressive and energising collection of your own art.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Inspire your creative mind
  • Find your artistic voice
  • Gain practical experience in a range of media
  • Develop your artistic mind and identity by exploring the creative process, forms of expression and design thinking.
  • Explore themes such as mental health, sustainability, the environment and peace through media such as art, sculpture, architecture, film and storytelling.

What You’ll Get

  • An immersive creative experience
  • Design and lead artistic social events
  • The chance to innovate and inspire others

In addition to art and design sessions, our programmes also include a range of fun social activities that our art and design students play a key role in developing and leading, putting all their creative skills into practice in a real performative situation.

  • Fashion Show – Plan, promote and host the school Fashion Show! This is an evening event for all students in the school and Art & Design students have the responsibility of bringing it to life by adding real dynamic flair to the evening. This includes creating a theme and tagline for the fashion show, the setup and structure of the event and even the music.
  • Photography Competition – Construct your own personal gallery of work in our Photography Competition inspired by the annual Sony photography awards. These photos can carry a direct message related to a theme of your choice, or can be intentionally open to interpretation, with the objective of inspiring the viewer. All staff and students from the school will attend your galleries and then vote for the best photographs.

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I don’t believe in life-changing experiences, but this summer school is probably as close as it gets to that. Dima came back a more confident and sociable kid with even more drive to learn English than he was before Rochester. He also can’t stop talking about all the friends he made and the fun he had.

Vladyslav, Guardian, Ukraine

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