What is summer school? And why your child should attend one!


“Summer school (or summer university) is a school or a program that provides lessons and activities during the summer vacation. Participation in summer schools has been shown to have substantial beneficial effects on education.” (Wikipedia 2021)

Summer schools are offered around the world and are often very popular with parents and students who want to develop their academic learning in preparation for further study and careers. 

This article will guide you through what a typical summer school involves and some of the reasons why many students find summer schools a fantastic experience both socially and academically!


There are many benefits of attending a summer school and each child’s reason might be different to another. Whether it’s preparing for future studies, immersing your child in an English-speaking environment or developing socially and creating new friendships. Summer schools provide an opportunity, unlike many other experiences which makes them unique. Research has shown that summer schools have a positive impact on academic progress and can add on average 3 months of additional progress (Education Endowment Foundation).

We think one of the best and most exciting things about summer school is the opportunity to travel to a new place and to discover new cultures. Meeting like-minded students from across the world in a safe, fun environment.

Listed below are our top 3 benefits of attending a summer school.



Not everyone knows what they want to do with their life when they are young, and that’s completely normal!

Many of us take inspiration from family and friends, going off of what we may have seen or heard to inform our decisions. However, a summer school brings a unique experience to explore our passions further in an immersive academic environment. Students often can get exposure to real-life professional industries during micro-internships which can solidify your child’s career aspirations and give them a head start. 

Our dedicated team of teachers and tutors support every student to find their own spark! Our courses give students the opportunity to develop and challenge themselves through new learning experiences, leaving them inspired and motivated to pursue their future goals and aspirations.

Here at SBC International, we have welcomed 151 nationalities and over 12,000 students to do just that and it’s one of the many reasons why students choose us.



Attending a summer school will undoubtedly increase your child’s confidence levels as they embark on this journey of independence and discovery. 

Confidence looks different to every child, whether it’s plucking up the courage to speak to someone new, presenting their ideas in front of the class or trying something they’ve never done before. Our summer school courses encourage students to step outside of their comfort zone during lessons and activities, all whilst being supported by our caring team of teachers and tutors.  

At Summer Boarding Courses, all students deliver a “Time to Shine” presentation as part of their course. This is a small presentation, given to other students. During the course, students will develop these presentations in small groups on a subject they are passionate about. They are supported by their tutor, who will share tips on delivery, structure and content, to ensure they feel confident and comfortable to present to their peers. The presentation and teamwork skills developed during this activity will support every child in boosting their confidence levels and in turn support their future endeavours.



One of the other benefits of coming to the UK to study at a summer school is the opportunity to further develop your English language skills if it is not your first language. Our courses employ a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) methodology.

This allows students to improve their English language through lessons alongside learning a specific subject. Even if students have a good grasp of the English language, CLIL learning at summer schools can be very beneficial.

If students want to focus their Summer School learning on the English Language, some Summer School providers have specific English Summer School courses.

These courses also focus on improving communication, teamwork and creativity skills!


oxford college students all stood together smiling lowres
sbc staff member talking to students at oxford college lowres


Many students wonder what it is like to live and study at a Summer School within the UK.

Although different campuses offer different experiences – many of our alumni have spoken positively and passionately about how our courses have impacted their lives.

It’s been 5 whole summers of being apart of the SBC family, and I couldn’t have asked for it to be any other way. I don’t know how to thank you enough for making my summers unforgettable, for making my life amazing. I am me because of you. You helped me grow into who I am today, and I know I wouldn’t be myself without SBC.

Raghad, Student, Saudi Arabia

All of our summer school experiences strike the perfect balance between academic and social programmes. Each course is specifically designed for a small age range to ensure that the experience meets their needs and correlates with the appropriate stage in their academic journey. For example, our youngest students at a Day Camp will spend most of the day doing fun activities alongside local English children, whilst our older students at Oxford College will have a substantial academic and career focused programme delivered through the week before participating in excursions and academic tours at the weekend.  

Here are a few of our example timetables that will give you an idea of what to expect when your child attends one of our summer courses.


Our award-winning summer schools are taking place at over 10 different locations this summer. Our first summer school starts on the 26th of June 2022, and we run all the way until the end of August.

Hosted at the most prestigious boarding schools and university college campuses in the UK; including Eton College, Oxford University and Cambridge College.

We offer a wide range of exciting courses, we’re confident that there is something for every child.

The first step to finding your perfect summer school is to speak to one of our admissions experts. They are always on hand to guide you through the process and getting to know you and your child a little better will aid them in matching you to one of our summer courses.

They are happy to answer any questions you have about our courses, travel and accommodation. 

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