Summer School for Law Students

As summer approaches, many high school students are eagerly looking forward to a well-deserved break from their studies. However, for students interested in studying law, attending law summer schools can provide so much more. As well as enjoying a much-needed break from exams, law summer school programmes can help you gain an edge over your peers, by helping you learn more of what it is like to have a legal career.

At our law summer school in Oxford, as well as learning in iconic surroundings you can be part of an academic program that offers you a chance to explore fascinating law cases, overarching principles of legal practice, and the chance to prepare for the challenges that await you in the future. And not to mention, the chance to be part of an exciting social program that includes day trips and activities, which can help you build your international network.

At Summer Boarding Courses our record in delivering high-quality educational programs is second to none, with our most recent British Council Inspection scoring the maximum number of 15 Strengths. We are experts at creating vibrant learning communities where like-minded students can lay the foundations for future success and develop a diverse skill set. To help you see just how fantastic an experience law studies is at SBC, let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of attending a law summer school.

Why Law Summer School?

In the years leading up to university, the most important focus is meeting grade requirements and building solid knowledge which will be essential for you to work in law.

But where is it possible to gain that extra confidence that a law degree is right for you? By attending a Law summer school, you’ll be able to take a break from traditional law student subjects and get to focus entirely on the legal profession itself, alongside fellow future law students who are as ambitious and as focused as you.

Maybe in your regular classes during term time, your prodigious legal mind is already looking at your subjects through the eyes of the law, and you can’t wait for your law studies to begin. By being here you will be able to construct arguments more fluently, supporting them with a stronger understanding of legal theories and your present-day awareness of the world. From attending law summer courses you can finally satisfy your intellectual craving to study Law and soak up new knowledge. Giving you the chance to share your passion and ambition in an international community.

Key Components of a Law-focused Summer School Program

Our law courses are created for future solicitors, barristers and solicitors. They are designed to assist you in deepening your comprehension of crucial legal topics. Helping you to improve your ability to analyse complex information, and to enhance your ability to create convincing legal arguments. Through law studies at Oxford College, you will have the unique chance to obtain first-hand insight into the English legal system through our industrial workshop series; where you will get to see an actual legal case live in court.

Through our realistic week-long moot trial, our law course will give you the chance to use your legal knowledge and push you to develop persuasive arguments. You will then later get to present your trial as part of our Time to Shine group task at the end of the week in front of an audience of your peers, tutors, and college mentors. Here, you will develop your teamwork abilities and craft convincing arguments for prosecution or defence using genuine cases and precedents.

Overall in our law course at Oxford Summer School, you will learn:

  • Important legal ideas.
  • How to improve your capacity for putting together legal arguments.
  • Fascinating and captivating case studies that include topics of tort, international, and human rights law, allowing you to learn how to assess a variety of important legal theories.
  • A deeper comprehension of the English legal system, through taking part in our Industry Experience programme.
  • How to construct and present persuasive legal arguments in realistic simulations of a courtroom trial or legal matter to start establishing your voice as a lawyer.
  • How lawyers operate in various legal disciplines.

And that’s only the academic programme course content. Imagine what you would learn about different cultures and legal systems around the world by talking to your classmates from so many different courses, backgrounds and cultures.

How to prepare for Law Summer School Programmes

After reading all about the content of the course, you may be already thinking about what you can do to prepare. Below are a few suggestions that you may want to work on to help you make the most of your Law programme at Oxford College. Firstly, whether you are new to public speaking, or have had plenty of practice, it will be of great help to continue all of the things that will help you develop your public speaking skills even further.

Whether that is speaking at events at school, acting, or taking part in debating societies or even reading more aloud to family and friends. Feeling confident speaking in front of others is going to be of great help once the summer courses begin.

Secondly, if you aren’t already, it would help you to continue with some light background reading connected to some wider issues such as Human Rights Law, International Law, Torts, and The British legal system. Even though all will be explained in class, there’s certainly no harm in reading ahead if you want to feel even more confident. And finally, in being part of an international learning community, with easily up to a dozen different nationalities in your class, it would be fantastic to be able to share knowledge of some legal matters from your country.

This could include some insight into domestic current affairs, a few details of a famous lawsuit, and how the legal system operates in your country as a whole. So why not read up a little in advance about interesting topics that will be of interest to your classmates? But the most important thing is to arrive with the right attitude, by embracing the human connection of summer school as much as possible, we hope that you will take up this challenge by getting to know as many people as you can once you’re here.

International Law – Networking events and Mentoring Opportunities

With our summer schools frequently having more than 60 nationalities from around the globe, summer school is going to be a wonderful opportunity to network with new people from places you may never have been to before. The impact this will have in making you a more confident and rounded legal professional in the future is a huge positive part of summer school.

With our highly interactive social programme, you will have the chance to mix with many other students who are not also studying Law. From being able to mix with so many nationalities you will be able to learn about different cultures and belief systems, which will help you to further develop your global citizenship skills.

But it’s not only fellow students you’ll have the chance to speak to, but also guest speakers and mentors as well, especially in workshops, lectures and seminars. Through speaking to others, you’ll be able to further build a clearer picture of what a career in the legal profession looks like.

Success Stories and Testimonials

When looking back on feedback from former SBC law students, it is clear to see that the course was a great help in providing added clarity and motivation to go on and study Law in the future.

In explaining how his SBC experience will help shape his future Law aspirations Max from Kuwait said that:

“I came to SBC to experience Law and to see if it is the right career for me, and by being with a group of people interested in this niche career normalised the experience and made me feel like it’s a valid career choice. As well I found it interesting speaking with people from all over the world and hearing about why they are interested in this subject and it makes me realise why I want to study Law.”   

In sharing what he found the most valuable part of the programme, Zainab from Saudia Arabia said:

“What I have enjoyed the most about my academic programme is the fact that I was able to physically visit a court trial and to see the law in action, which gives me a whole different perspective on how the world works as opposed to just reading on a piece of paper. I have spoken to some great professors who have given me such highly valued opinions on how I should approach my future which has reassured me on what I want to do.”   

Inspiring option

Whether you have your heart set on Law or whether you are still deciding the route of your academic path, we hope that you can feel how spending time at Oxford College is an inspiring option. After reading our guide we hope that you have a clearer idea of what you can do to prepare for summer school, and how studying Law at SBC can help you on your path to working in the legal profession.

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