Before we look at the top five reasons to study Business at summer school, let’s look at where and why we teach Business at Summer Boarding Courses.

Five Business courses

With five business programmes to choose from, at Headington, Oxford, Cambridge, Eton, and Earlscliffe, you can already begin to feel that Business is a subject we are deeply passionate about.

Why should you have to wait? Until you can learn to manage a project, deliver your own business ideas, or learn about the key principles that help sell the products you use every day.

More Than Demand

The fact that we have five business courses should come as no surprise when you consider that Business tops the list of most popular UK degrees, but our passion for teaching such a dynamic subject is about more than demand, it’s because Business fits our academic approach like a tailored made suit.

Business is more than about profit. It is about selling an idea that can improve the world. It’s about creative thinking, having conviction in what you’re doing, working together to achieve the very best, and believing in the process so that you can transform your vision into a reality.

With our love of why we teach Business made clearer, let’s look at five key reasons why Business is such an excellent choice for summer school.

1. Learning practical business skills is a win-win option

There are so many reasons why studying business at summer school is a win-win option. Whether you already have your heart set on a business career or are still undecided on what your future looks like, studying Business can help inspire a whole range of opportunities and develop so many transferable skills.

Imagine starting out in your business career with a learning journey made entirely in the library and the exam room. Where would that confidence in presenting, negotiating and taking part in meetings come from?

Skills based approach

At SBC we believe in learning by doing as well as learning via more traditional methods. With the help of a hands-on, skills-based learning approach, we do everything we can to make our Business courses incredibly interactive and rewarding.

In each of our five Business programmes, we teach theoretical business areas such as market research, financial analysis and how to create a start-up company. Each lesson is designed for students to use the very communicative skills that they will need to succeed in the future.

2. Develop key soft skills

Around the world, employers often state a proficiency gap with key soft skills, such as collaborating and problem-solving, with many recruiters expressing a preference in recruiting candidates who are stronger in these areas.

With a teaching methodology focused on developing crucial communicative skills, the aim of our business programmemes is to help give you the edge when finding future employment.

3. Be part of an expert faculty and learn from industry professionals

To deliver the highest quality of interactive business lessons, we strive to provide tutors who have expert knowledge and the ability to engage students with exciting lessons. This will motivate you to learn new skills and bring your new business knowledge to life.

More than just theory

All students are familiar with the scenario of sitting in a classroom whilst their teacher talks for long spells, and it’s very easy to become disengaged when you have nothing to do besides listening and note-taking too often.

However, by learning Business at SBC you are part of a learning environment that is often a departure from tradition, because students are able to take part in a learning environment which is even more about practice than it is about theory.


The approach to each lesson is to be introduced to relevant business topics and then later utilise various teamwork and presentation skills. For example, students might look at the planning and processes involved in creating a Start-Up company before carrying out the procedures in a life-like simulation.

Through taking part in case studies and role plays, students can practise essential presentation, problem-solving and collaborative skills, which students may not have as much practice in using during regular term time.

Industry professionals

As well as interactive classes with a real buzz, students also get to gain real insight from industry experts in university-style lectures, as well as academic excursions to real businesses. This is an exciting feature of the industry experience side of the course.

Here you can ask questions to successful professionals in person, helping you to gain career support and an even better understanding of the everyday challenges that people from a business background face in managing a company.


Meeting experienced professionals and fellow business students helps introduce students to the value of networking. It presents opportunities for students to overcome shyness and for you to nail the habit of making a confident first impression. It helps build confidence in interacting with more senior pros, and who knows…potential business partners.

4. A chance to grow your global perspective and to be part of a cultural exchange

Global learning community

Growing up in a digital age young people naturally get to consume global content perfect for creative thinking. The beauty of an international business summer class is that students from all around the world get to share their ideas, cultures, and experiences in person. All in the same room. Just as they would in working together for a major corporation.

By working together with young people in a multinational environment, you are able to open your mind to new ways of thinking and expand your awareness of the world, and who knows maybe get to meet future business partners from the four corners of the globe.

With our campuses regularly having forty or more different nationalities, there’s every chance that your SBC business class will be as multinational as an office at Disney or Apple.

By learning in such a cosmopolitan environment you will be even more climatised to working with different people from different backgrounds. This can only help you in becoming a more confident, sociable and open-minded professional, capable of working alongside colleagues and business partners from anywhere.

5. The chance to take part in real-world case studies and projects

As mentioned before, at SBC you will be able to apply key business skills to relevant research projects and real-world case studies in each of our business courses. This is perfect for you to develop your ability to pitch original ideas, and master the tricky skill of guiding people through how something works with sufficient detail.

Example project

A fantastic example of how this has worked in recent years is when the students were introduced to the idea of ‘the gig economy’. After looking at real examples like AirBnb and Vinted, classes were then able to go off and present business plans of companies of their own. Creating believable new gig economy business projects connected to education, the environment, catering, and fashion.


The key to a motivating research project is engagement, which we achieve by mimicking the realism of the workplace with guidelines and deadlines. In this sense, teachers don’t teach as much as perform the role of project managers.

Delivering a challenge taken from the real world makes the task both relevant and real, but even more important is that students feel that they have complete ownership of their project, with the tutor readily available to provide prompts and support.

Meaningful and challenging

By having this degree of independence in a task connected to the real world, students have the motivation to deliver a group presentation which is both meaningful and challenging.

For many students, their research projects are the most rewarding aspect of the programme, and each year we are privileged to witness business ideas which actually have the potential to become successful in reality.

6. For Personal Growth and Confidence Building

For many learners, standing up in a lecture theatre in front of their new classmates, and sharing new ideas and knowledge is a formidable task, but it is one where students can truly grow as a result and take great pride in what they’ve achieved.

By taking part in challenging group work with new classmates, with outcomes that are shared with a real audience, students are able to develop vital skills in collaborating, leadership, and public speaking.

Perfect preparation for further education and their future workplace.

Student Testimonial

From taking part in our Business course in Oxford our former student Ali from Kuwait, had the following to say:

“Other than starting my own company, I have been accepted into some of the biggest universities in the UK. These courses involve a great deal of knowledge that I learned from Summer Boarding Courses’ Business course.’”

Real value

After joining any one of our Business programmes in Oxford, Cambridge, Eton, or Earlscliffe, we are delighted to hear when a student’s learning experience has contributed towards academic and professional success.

To wrap things up….

From reading the top reasons why Business is an exciting option for summer school, we hope that you’re able to see why booking this course is an amazing choice.

With courses that focus on developing business skills and business knowledge, at SBC students have a fantastic chance to develop a much deeper understanding of how businesses around the globe works. By developing key soft skills such as collaboration, problem-solving, presentation and leadership, our Business programmes are able to better equip the young business students of today to become the industry leaders of tomorrow.

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