Should I Send My Child to A Summer School in the UK?

Should I send my child to an English Summer School in the UK? If you are a parent or guardian who wants your child to experience the world at large in the UK (we welcomed students from 95 countries in 2018), this question might just be on your mind.

We’ve spoken to parents who have sent their children to our UK Summer schools to find out what their initial thoughts were before and after experiencing Summer Boarding Courses. This article should help answer some of your questions about Summer schools in Europe and show you what is possible!

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Thank you to the parents below who have shared their thoughts and feedback with us about our Summer English courses.

Their answers highlight some of the concerns parents can have about Summer Schools abroad.

We hope their answers help you and reveal just how amazing a Summer School experience can be for your child’s confidence, education and future prospects!

Why did you want your child to attend a Summer School?

‘I wanted my child to have fun and improve their English language skills’ – Adriano from Italy

‘I wanted my daughter to enjoy her Summer in England in an international environment, while improving her English’ – Fabio from Switzerland

‘I was curious about what studying English in the UK is actually like and asked my child to give me honest feedback. I wanted to know if she could easily integrate into a British school. After this, we returned again the next Summer due SBC’s professionalism, input, safety standards and their overall excellent experience’ – Laura from Romania

‘A British Summer School is an important experience for your child’s personality. I wanted my child to have fun, meet other children from around the world and develop their English knowledge’ – Sebnem from Turkey

‘It was my daughter’s choice to go to Summer School. The fact that SBC’s reviews and rankings are positive helped a lot with our decision. I wanted her to improve her English and become more independent’ – Sofia from Greece

Studying in the UK is the perfect opportunity to improve your English

For our parents, ensuring that their child’s English language skills improve whilst spending time in the UK is at the top of their priority list. There are a number of special ways that we ensure your children can thrive in their English skills throughout their time with us.

We ensure that many nationalities join us and mix together throughout the Summer. Students want to make friends, and as they are with others who do not speak their native language, English is the key to unlock these blossoming relationships!

Our classes and activities have plenty of variety and exciting moments to be shared. Whether your child is in the classroom or outside playing and socialising, there is continuous opportunity and encouragement for them to use their English and build upon it day by day.

Make sure to find out more about our weekly Time to Shine opportunities too. Time to Shine is one of our students’ favourite times of the week as they have the chance to share their thoughts, ideas and skills with their peers!

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Did you have any worries about your child studying abroad?

‘No. SBC provide a safe and well-organised environment. I did not have any worries’ – Adriano from Italy

‘No’ – Laura from Romania, Sebnem from Turkey and Sofia from Greece

‘Yes. Gioia was 11 years old the first time she went to Summer School and had never spent two weeks alone away from family before, but SBC staff were excellent in addressing our concerns. At the end of Summer School, Gioia proved to us that the only ones who were worried were us, the parents!’ – Fabio from Switzerland

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Student Welfare at Summer Boarding Courses

The safety and wellbeing of our students is paramount. Their physical, mental and environmental needs are at the forefront of our professional care. From your child’s arrival at the airport and the love and care they receive from our staff, to their final return home, we ensure your child is encouraged, supported, heard, and inspired.

Homesickness is quite common for our young learners. Our staff are trained to notice this and help. Students at SBC Oxford, will have 45 minutes every day to speak to you, the parent, at a designated time.

What one piece of advice would you give to parents whose child is going to a Summer School for the first time?

‘Understand who the staff are and find out more about the house management and organisation of the Summer School’ – Adriano from Italy

‘Share your concerns upfront with the staff and trust them to do a great job. Also don’t call your child too often, otherwise it may become more difficult for them to avoid homesickness’ – Fabio from Switzerland

‘Be confident in the Summer School if they have a high level of experience, like Summer Boarding Courses, in organising their Summer Schools’ – Laura from Romania

‘The kids will definitely have fun and learn a lot. Do not worry about sending your child to Summer Boarding Courses: the staff are very good’ – Sebnem from Turkey 

‘Book your summer courses and flight tickets early’ – Sofia from Greece

What did your child gain from attending Summer School?

‘They were able to network with many friends from around the world and improve their English’ – Adriano from Italy

‘She gained a better level of English, friends from around the world and two weeks to focus on herself and develop’ – Fabio from Switzerland

‘She made a lot of new friends, had a very good Summer experience, enjoyed having new Summer school teachers and learnt a lot of information’ – Laura from Romania

‘A boost in self confidence and a better understanding in English’ – Sebnem from Turkey

‘She learned a lot of things: she improved her English but maybe the most important thing is that she has made new friends’ – Sofia from Greece

Join us this Summer!

Why not consider Summer Boarding Courses for your child this Summer? You can join us at one of our Oxford summer school campuses or in Eton or Bournemouth!

Some of the words our students’ parents have used to describe our international summer school experiences are:

‘My child consistently asks to return to Summer Boarding Courses’ – Adriano from Italy

‘Summer Boarding courses represent effective English teaching in an international and safe environment’ – Fabio from Switzerland

‘It’s the best experience for kids’ – Laura from Romania

‘My children enjoyed their experience and learned a lot’ – Sebnem from Turkey

‘A Summer School is a nice way to combine vacation with activities and learning for your child’ – Sofia from Greece