After seeing five amazing campuses finish over the past few weeks, Cambridge College and Headington remained – to keep that SBC magic very much alive. With some students staying beyond two weeks and many staff living away from home for nearly two months, you could be forgiven for thinking as late summer arrives, that the jubilant joys of summer were starting to gently fade down. You would be wrong. As our final blog of the summer will prove, our wonderful learning communities continued to glow brightly as ever.   

Let’s see how Cambridge and Headington have done us proud.   


Today at Headington we embarked on a memorable excursion to the hugely popular city of Brighton. Beneath our umbrellas we walked to the beach, where we found a spot inside the arcade to enjoy a seaside classic – fish and chips. The lunch was an adventure in itself, thanks to some very excitable seagulls that tried repeatedly to eat the students’ food on the way to find shelter from the rain; with some succeeding and taking the students’ food into the skies! 

After lunch, we made our way to the shopping centre, where the students had the chance to enjoy some free time. They explored the shops, soaking in the carnival atmosphere of Brighton.  

But the day was far from over. The highlight was undoubtedly the famous Brighton i360 tour. As we ascended in the futuristic glass viewing pod, we were treated to Bright’s dazzling 360-degree views of the sea, and the beautiful South Downs. The students were awestruck by the panoramic views, a moment we’re sure they’ll remember when they look back on their wonderful time at SBC. 

To finish off our day at the iconic Brighton Pier. The students had a blast on the rides and arcade machines. The day might have been long, but it didn’t dampen our spirits. The bus ride back to Headington was filled with lively chatter, music, and singing, a testament to the students’ incredible energy. 

Overall, a fantastic way to round off a hugely memorable week. 

Earlier in the week, students made the short trip down to Oxford Castle, which is on our doorstep in the centre of Oxford.  

After a lovely walk down the quirky Cowley Road in the sunshine, we all reached the castle where we split into groups and enjoyed the company of our tour guide. It was very informative and a very pleasant experience with the kids asking questions as well. 

We started by climbing the 100+ step to the top of the tower and the took a tour around the prison cells – made specifically for the rowdy students back in the day, and then the debtors.  

Obviously, our own students were impeccably well behaved as always, and we think they are probably now knowledgeable enough about the castle that they can guide their own tours of the place as well. 

As Headington prepare for their Time to Shine projects and begin to look forward to their end of summer party, even with only a few days remaining there’s so much to look forward to.  

Now let’s hop over to the city that is known by Oxford University as ‘the other place’.   


After Monday’s classes and all the vibrant fun of the weekend, the day saw the students take to Parker’s Piece, where they enjoyed a thoroughly deserved Big Chill. 

The setting sun cloaked the students in a meditative orange glow, creating the perfect intimate setting to reflect on all the incredible events of the time gone by. It was as if we had planned it. Everyone had a wonderful time. 

Back in the academic worlds of class, our Natural Science enthusiasts visited the fascinating zoology museum, followed by a sweet treat at Jack’s Gelato. Meanwhile, the Medicine class delved into the world of diagnosis, simulating patient interactions, and posing intriguing medical questions. 

Yesterday was also another day of awe and wonder as our Architecture class embarked on an excursion to the illustrious Kings College. The majestic building and the serene surrounding landscape made an inspirational impression on our students.  

The excitement continued into the evening with a thrilling Murder Mystery event that never fails to captivate our students. Teams of 3-6 put on their detective hats, interrogating actors posing as staff and students in a quest to solve a perplexing murder mystery. The carefully crafted crime scene, hidden clues, and intriguing storyline added an extra layer of excitement to the evening. Incidentally, did you know that we write our own Murder Mysteries? You do now. 

As the final days start to approach of summer school, it’s easy for all concerned to reflect and get sentimental very quickly. To play the magic of summer school back in the memory reels of your mind, brings great joy, and to everyone we have had the privilege of working with this summer, we hope that you can look back with real tremendous pride with how much you’ve grown.  

It has been an honour to witness and has brought an even bigger sense of reward that we really have given you our all.   

Thank you so much for the chance to meet your amazing children, it’s been a thrill to feel a part of all their brilliant promise, unique personalities and to play in some small way an influential part in their fascinating lives. It is why we do what we do.