What are the benefits of Summer School? Our alumni tell all!

What are the benefits of Summer School? Arriving at your new English summer school can be an amazing but uncertain experience for students who have never spent a Summer studying before. Who will you meet? What will the teachers be like? And as is the case at Summer Boarding Courses, what will it be like to come to the UK and study in one of our schools in Oxford, Bournemouth or Eton?

We spoke to four of our alumni students to find out how attending our Summer Schools has shaped their lives.

We are proud of all four of our alumni students who have taken the time out of their busy schedules to reflect on their experiences at Summer Boarding Courses and how it has impacted their life. Their answers show what can be achieved by attending a Summer School.

If you are considering spending a Summer away from home to grow not only academically, but as a person, this is the article you should definitely be reading!

Read on to find out a little bit more about our alumni students sharing their thoughts with us.

Our Alumni and their goals

Raghad (Reggie) from Saudi Arabia

Raghad has spent her Summers with Summer Boarding Courses from the very beginning; since she was 8 years old.

She has studied most of our courses as she’s returned year upon year. Her studies include: Philosophy, International Relations, General English, English Literature and Creative Writing, Law and Medicine.

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Reggie’s goal is to become an artist and a writer, and hopefully one day start her own magazine.

Ali from Kuwait

Ali has spent two Summers with us; first studying International Relations and then Business and Leadership. He is a very determined, entrepreneurial and creative leader who no doubt will be making waves and positive changes in the business world for the better!

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Ali’s goal is to become an entrepreneur, and create a large influence in his community and region.

Tiffany from Indonesia

Tiffany has spent her time with us at SBC Canford studying General English and is a ray of sunshine. Her goals are to be a part of Indonesia’s government so that she can make positive changes to her country. You can do it Tiffany!

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Tiffany’s goals, apart from working for the Indonesian government, is to be helpful and useful in her community so that she can make a positive impact on the people around her.

Anusga from India

Anusga from India has been on quite a journey with Summer Boarding Courses. She found herself becoming much more confident throughout the Summer and leaving Oxford College with invaluable speaking and social skills.

Anusga’s goal is to be a successful business woman!

We asked our students the following questions to find out how attending Summer School has changed their lives. This is what they had to say.

How has SBC helped you achieve your goals?

‘SBC has helped me understand what it is I want to do with my life. It has helped me discover my interests and my talents’ – Reggie

‘I’ve learnt a lot about how to run a successful business on the business course. Since graduating, I have started my own company: we offer services that are the first of their kind in the entire Middle East!’ – Ali

‘SBC has allowed me to see the world through a whole different lens. I heard diverse opinions and stories from other students, which enabled me to not only be a good listener, but understand them as if I was in their shoes. These skills are indispensable for both my future career and my life’ – Tiffany

‘I learned to be confident, participate in the summer school activities and how to do public speaking during Time to Shine’ – Anusga

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Have you gone on to a particular school or job since graduating?

‘I’m going to be attending AlFaisal University in Riyadh with a concentration in finance’ – Reggie

‘Other than starting my own company, I have been accepted into some of the biggest universities in the UK. These courses involve a great deal of knowledge that I learned from Summer Boarding Courses’ Business and Leadership course’ – Ali

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‘I have been granted partial scholarships from 3 different British Colleges. I have chosen Bellerbys College to prepare for my A-level studies. This is helping me to get one step closer to reaching my dreams and aspirations’ – Tiffany

‘I am currently finishing high school but as soon as I finish, I will start the process!’ – Anusga

Why did you choose to come to Summer School at SBC?

‘The first time I attended SBC, it wasn’t really my choice. Yet, I found myself coming back every year. SBC has been the harborer of most of my greatest memories. I loved the thrill of meeting people, and I absolutely adored the lessons. Not to mention the most caring staff‘ – Reggie

‘I wanted to find a place that had a good balance of activities as well as academic work. I chose SBC because they had summer colleges in towns that have some of the biggest universities in the world, including Oxford!’ – Ali

‘I chose SBC because of the experience they have in this specific industry. I knew that I was going to be in good hands all Summer. All the testimonies were positive and reflected amazing experiences. I was really intrigued to experience it personally’ – Tiffany

‘My guardians introduced Summer Boarding Courses to me. They were so happy to take me to Oxford for the course’ – Anusga

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What do you think about Summer School and SBC?

‘I loved Headington Oxford summer school. It was so magical: a true Hogwarts experience! As for St. Hugh’s and Wycliffe at Oxford College, they were my absolute favourite, It truly felt like a mini college experience. The rooms were pretty good, and the campus in general was just awesome’ – Reggie

‘The two summers I spent with SBC were the best of my life. I forged lifelong friendships, as well as learning a great deal about myself. The summer schools are very good as they are the perfect environments for young people, all the way up to teenagers’ – Ali

Canford school is probably the most beautiful place I have ever spent 2 weeks of my life at. The location is breathtaking with the acres of spacious green fields. It was the perfect place to refresh my mind and explore nature. The mentors and staff were really nice, welcoming and friendly too. They helped me overcome my fears. I was encouraged by how I have to be daring and make the best out of all the opportunities presented to me while they last’ – Tiffany

‘It is totally worth spending the Summer in the prestigious city of Oxford and having such wonderful and friendly tutors’ – Anusga

What was your best Summer moment?

‘I think it’s hard to pin just one moment down that was the best. Every day at SBC was incredible. But I think the best moments for me, as odd as it may sound, were the bus rides. I made some amazing bonds with the other students on the buses’ – Reggie

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‘My best moment at SBC was when I first arrived in 2016. It was my best moment because it was the trigger for endless adventures I was about to have. It was also the beginning of me learning a great deal about myself’ – Ali

‘The last disco night! We all laughed and danced so much. We were all planning on when we might meet up again. That night ended with lots of hugs, pictures, and crying. Everyone was really sad. Regardless, SBC has taught me to not cry because it’s over but smile because it happened’ – Tiffany

‘I loved ‘Oscars Night’ and attending the ‘Time to Shine presentations’ every week’ – Anusga

Can you sum up your experience in 3 words?

‘Magical: In the span of two weeks you make friends for life’ – Reggie

‘Unforgettable: The range of events are so diverse’ – Reggie

‘Life-changing: My life has never been the same since’ – Reggie

‘Educational: SBC is definitely educational because I not only learned a lot academically but also a lot about myself’ – Ali

‘Fun: SBC fulfilled exactly what I wanted to do, which is to have fun’ – Ali

‘Adventurous: I embarked on countless adventures that have given me stories that I will tell my grandchildren about’ – Ali

‘An Eye Opener: I learnt that the world is limitless. It is more than the box I was living in and I have so much more to see and explore. Without SBC, I would be oblivious to all of these important aspects in life. I am now striving to be the person I aspire to be’ – Tiffany

‘Favourable, welcoming and effective’ – Anusga

Would you recommend Summer Boarding Courses to others?

‘Yes of course! It’s an amazing way to grow as a person and really put yourself out there. SBC for me was a way to self discover’ – Reggie

‘Absolutely. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Students will learn so much and forge lifelong friendships from all around the world’ – Ali

‘Yes, SBC is the right place for students who are seeking to witness the world’s diversity in one place. If you are trying to discover your potential and talents, SBC can be the place for you to start discovering who you really are. Moreover, the community you will be spending your time with are incredibly supportive and open-minded. These two qualities boost you to break your limits and overcome your fears, regardless of being in a new place with new people’ – Tiffany

Yes! The courses strengthen your academic abilities and I find SBC is the most welcoming place for students and their education’ – Anusga

What advice would you give to upcoming students?

Reggie’s advice

‘Don’t overthink it’.

‘Be yourself and enjoy the little moments just as much as the big ones’.

‘Really put yourself out there’.

‘Do activities that you might not be such a big fan of’.

Ali’s advice

‘Go for it’.

‘If you feel intimidated, that’s completely natural. You will feel so happy with your decision once you arrive at Summer School’.

‘Talk to everyone and explore the city’.

Tiffany’s advice

‘Stay true to who you are when writing your essays. Make sure that the words typed reflect a glimpse of you’.

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‘Choose the perfect course that suits you best to have the most unforgettable experience’.

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Anusga’s advice

‘Everyone is really friendly and the tutors are highly experienced. Do not hesitate to speak in class!’

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