Eton College is a public school for boys, which is situated in Windsor in Berkshire. Always providing outstanding educational opportunities it was founded in 1440 by King Henry VI under the name Kynge’s College of Our Ladye of Eton besyde Windesore, and intended as a sister institution to King’s College, Cambridge, making it the 18th-oldest Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC) school. Eton is particularly well-known for its history, wealth, and notable alumni, especially for educating future world leaders, most recently Boris Johnson. Eton is one of only three public boarding schools exclusively for boys in England.

Back in 1440 Henry wanted his subjects to have the same opportunities of learning that he had experienced, and provided free education 70 poor boys, known as King’s Scholars, to be housed and educated at Eton free of charge, so Eton actually started as education’s free school programme, which served as a hugely exciting step forward.

SBC at Eton College grounds and view of the school

The School Day

Originally, Latin and Latin alone was taught, and Greek was later added to an Eton style curriculum in the early 17th century. Eton College did not always function as primary and secondary schools do as most boys were taught in Lower School and were taught as young as five years old. The school day started at 5am with prayers, before lessons began at 6am. Lessons finally finished at 8pm, and there was a single hour of play allowed each day. Christmas and the summer were the two main holidays, although the boys did not return home at Christmas.

School buildings

To help in delivering outstanding educational opportunities, Jourdelay’s, Eton’s first boarding house was built in 1722 to accommodate the growing number of students at the college, as other new educational facilities were later added. 40 years later, there were 13 Houses, largely run by teachers, known at Eton as House Masters. In present day there are 24 boarding Houses, plus College where the King’s Scholars live, helping Eton provide a tremendous academic opportunity to all of its boys.


Later on in the 20th century, significant changes continued as Eton began to return more to the founder’s original educational vision for Eton College. Academic ability took more of a precedence over family connections, which widened access to beyond the most privileged as merit and potential were recognized more.

More emphasis was placed on extra-curricular activities, which saw sports facilities improved, and a theatre and concert hall added to existing college library, school hall, and college chapel.

To present day the same trend has continued, with parents no longer able to secure their son’s place down at the school from birth. Instead, since 2002, all boys have had to adhere to an entry requirements process of interviews, tests and references, making studying at Eaton a much more inclusive opportunity as it is at star academies across the country.

Today, Eton continues to offer opportunities to boys from all backgrounds up until sixth form and university applications, with increasing numbers receiving substantial financial assistance. A wide and varied curriculum sits alongside time for sports, music and drama, and continues to produce extraordinary young people, creating transformative outcomes and providing access to elite universities after A Levels.

Local surrounding area

Located just 15 minutes from London Heathrow and a short walk from Royal Windsor, Eton College provides the perfect setting for our students to learn, develop leadership skills and meet likeminded students from around the world.

If you want to experience the history and daily life of British royals for yourself, then there is no better place than Windsor. This tranquil riverside city has a towering royal presence. Monarchs have called Windsor Castle home for nearly a thousand years and The British Royal are themselves known as the “House of Windsor.”

Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world and the Queen now has gradually made it her permanent residence since the death of Prince Philip and the pandemic. Windsor is where royal weddings take place, with the most recent one being when Prince Harry wed Meghan Markle in 2018. It is where monarchs hid from bombs during the Second World War, and where famous kings and queens are buried. When you visit Windsor, you walk in the footsteps of Royalty.


What connects the James Bond novels, the literary classic 1984, and the hit tv series House?

The latter’s lead actor and the former’s authors went to Eton, and in addition to Ian Fleming, George Orwell and Hugh Laurie, so did 20 British Prime Ministers, many notable scientists, academics, sportsmen and more recently Bear Grylls, and Princes William and Harry.

School Facilities

Eton College provides a fantastic range of facilities across campus and throughout the picturesque town of Eton. The facilities include:

  • Jafar Hall – purpose-built lecture hall and debating theatre
  • Classrooms in New Buildings
  • Sports Hall
  • Indoor heated swimming pool
  • All-weather pitches
  • Playing fields
  • Eton Fives courts

Eton Fives – What is it?

Eton Fives is a handball game played as doubles in a three-sided court. The object is to force the other team to fail to hit the ball ‘up’ off the front wall, using any variety of wall or ledge combinations as long as the ball is played ‘up’ before it bounces twice. Eton Fives is an uncommon sport, with only a few courts, most of them as part of the facilities of the independent schools in the United Kingdom.


Eton College has had a laundry onsite since 1881 and has been using Christeyns’ chemistry for almost a decade. A dedicated team of 30 run and maintain the laundry that processes 50,000 items per week which includes everything from rugby kit to chef’s outfits.


At SBC Eton, the accommodation comprises of two boarding houses – one for boys and one for girls. Students will have their own single study-bedroom, with shared bathroom facilities. Both boarding houses have comfortable social space in which students can relax during House Time. There is a large dining hall in Bekynton, a large central dining complex as well as dinging halls in the two boarding houses.

SBC Excursions

Over 2-weeks, students will go on three excursions to famous UK tourist cities or destinations. Our dedicated team of staff accompany the students and have a series of activities planned for the students to ensure that they make the most from their trip. Our excursion destinations this summer include:

Windsor Castle

The oldest occupied castle in the world, and current residence of Queen Elizabeth II. It embodies almost a millennium of architectural history.


Here students shall have a university college visit and hear a guest speaker.

Thorpe Park

THORPE PARK Resort is the ultimate destination for thrill lovers, containing some of the UK’s most popular roller coasters and amusement park rides, as well as thrilling rides, attractions, live events, and a themed hotel. Stealth, the UK’s fastest roller coaster, launches riders to a height of 205 feet at 80 miles per hour in under 2.5 seconds. Take to the skies on THE SWARM, the UK’s only winged coaster, or confront one of Jigsaw’s most twisted traps on SAW – The Ride, the world’s first horror themed roller coaster with a 100ft “beyond-vertical” drop.


In London, students will have the opportunity to explore some of the capital’s most famous landmarks as well as enjoying some free-time for shopping.

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is a botanic garden in southwest London that houses the “largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collections in the world”.

Eton Natural History Museum

The Berkshires’ only specialised natural history museum offers a family-friendly atmosphere in which to learn about, explore, and comprehend the natural world through hands-on activities.

General English

General English is ideal for students who wish to improve their English for use in everyday situations, as well as for academic purposes. Our tutors use a broad range of modern teaching methodologies that focus on developing confidence and ability in English, giving students the tools that they need to both communicate and study effectively. Activating language through usage is central to language learning, so students will always practice what they have learned during their lessons with the engaging and challenging tasks provided by their teachers.

Business at Eton College

Our Business course has been developed for young business people of the future. On the course, students will improve their confidence in using English, and develop their business skills whilst gaining knowledge of the latest business practices. Subjects in Business include; budgeting and finance, marketing, sustainability and growth, as well as the development of the English language skills necessary for success in business. As part of our Time to Shine project, students will work together to create and develop a business plan for a new start-up company and deliver a product pitch to a panel of judges.


Deepen your knowledge of the political and economic world as you prepare for your future studies. By evaluating the ideologies and processes at the heart of various political systems, our Politics & Economics course at Eton will help you better grasp geopolitical trends in world politics.


At Eton this summer study fascinating eras of history from medieval to early modern, as you learn how to analyse the past as a historian.

During the course you’ll take part in a group project where you will create a short documentary on how future generations will look back on the modern world, and you will develop key 21st-century skills, such as critical thinking, collaboration and problem-solving, required at undergraduate level and beyond.

There’s no better place to build your experience as a historian than at Eton College this summer.

Books on a shelf at university


To end the two weeks in style students will graduate from Eton Dorney, an inspirational conference and events venue overlooking a world class rowing lake.

Eton College FAQs


We hope our guide to SBC at Eton College has got you as excited about the coming summer as we are, and we hope you have a much clearer picture of all the fantastic opportunities on the horizon at this truly unique and historic college.

If there are any questions or queries in which you would like more information on then our dedicated admissions team are always on hand to answer any of your queries and are here to help you every step of the way.