In the Spotlight Office Co ordinator

In the Spotlight: Office Co-ordinator

What is your role at summer boarding courses?
This summer I worked at SBC Oxford as their Office Coordinator but previously I’ve spent two summers working as an Activity Leader at SBC Canford Summer School. I really enjoyed my time working as an Activity Leader but enjoyed the additional challenge of working as the Office Coordinator.

What’s the average day like at summer school?
Busy – as an Office Coordinator you will never be bored! You will have staff, students and frequently parents coming into the office throughout the day, so it’s never quiet and you’ll always have something to do and someone to chat to! The average day will involve supervising meal times, planning upcoming excursions and English Plus activities, liaising with Head Office and managing the daily financial accounts.

What have you enjoyed the most about working with Summer Boarding Courses?
I enjoyed working with the children the most. You are able to meet students from across the globe and I am sure that I learnt as much from them as they learnt whilst at the summer school!

What have you found difficult or challenging about working with Summer Boarding Courses?
The nature of a summer school is intense. You are required to work 6 days a week and each day is usually pretty full-on. However, it is completely worth it and the more you put into the role, the more you will get out of it.

What have you gained from working with Summer Boarding Courses?
On a professional level, working with Summer Boarding Courses provided me with the opportunity to develop my skill set, in particular my management skills.

On a more personal level, working with Summer Boarding Courses allowed me to build friendships with a diverse range of people.

What advice would you give a staff member going into their first summer with Summer Boarding courses?
Get involved! I believe that a successful summer school relies upon the enthusiasm and energy of its staff.

What’s your favourite summer school memory?
Having a water fight with the students on one of the hottest days of the year!