In the Spotlight: College Tutor

In the Spotlight: College Tutor

What is your role at Summer Boarding Courses?
My role for the past three summers has been as a Creative Writing & Literature Tutor.

What’s the average day like at summer school?
A day which consists of constant interaction with students and colleagues. Depending on what day it is then there are between two to four 90 minute lessons, two of these are connected to your main discipline and another two connected to teaching academic or general English. There is always something to do.

What have you enjoyed the most about working with Summer Boarding Courses?
Getting to know the other members of staff, and the opportunity to return to my roots by teaching English Literature.

What have you found difficult or challenging about working with Summer Boarding Courses?
In my first year I guess I found guiding large groups of students through central London and Heathrow quite challenging, but with repeated involvement it gets a lot less challenging.

What have you gained from working with Summer Boarding Courses?
Lifelong friendships, a tremendous amount of confidence in my teaching abilities, professional development, and a much more enhanced awareness of so many people from a huge variety of different countries.

What advice would you give a staff member going into their first summer with Summer Boarding courses?
Make sure you have a phone with WhatsApp on, ideally with a UK simcard. WhatsApp is used throughout the schools and it’s really useful whether to talk to your colleagues about work or to coordinate your social plans!

What’s your favourite summer school memory?
Too many to mention…but this year I had a particularly challenging summer at home…and to help cheer me up, my dear friend and fellow teacher Alex made me a treasure hunt around Oxford. The prize was a link to a number of videos, made by all the staff, telling me how highly I am regarded and to keep my chin up. Will keep them forever.