Unleashing your Creativity

Are you ready to embark on a creative journey like no other? Cambridge College’s Art & Design Course is a vibrant and immersive program designed to ignite your artistic passion and nurture your creative talents. Whether you’re a budding artist eager to explore new horizons or a seasoned creative looking to refine your skills, this course promises to be an exhilarating adventure in self-expression and artistic exploration.

At a Glance

  • Price: £4,900
  • Ages: 15-17
  • Course length: 2 Weeks
  • English level: B1+ (intermediate and above)
  • Starting Dates: 7th July, 21st July, 4th August 2024
  • Academic Content: 25 hours of lessons per week
  • Language Learning Support: Included
  • Location: Cambridge College
Two female students smiling at the camera and holding up their artwork while at Summer Boarding Courses
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Our approach to your learning

Subject + Skills + Language = Success

At the core of our student-centered academic approach is a commitment to nurturing not just your subject knowledge, but also your communication, critical thinking, and collaboration skills through interactive lectures, dynamic seminars, and hands-on practical workshops.

We also emphasise the development of your public speaking and teamwork through group work and our Time to Shine projects. And finally, our programme of engaging guest speakers and industry experiences bring real-world relevance to your learning. This immersive learning journey will empower you with the skills you need for success in the 21st century.


What’s Included

✔ 25 hours of subject-specific academic content per week with an experienced subject tutor, delivered through interactive seminars and hands-on practical workshops

✔ Opportunities to apply and share this knowledge with your peers through dynamic group projects, culminating in the end-of-the-week Time to Shine Ceremony

✔ An action-packed programme of guest speakers and industry experiences each week designed to give you first-hand insight into your chosen field

✔ Dedicated academic coaching sessions designed to support you in applying for a UK university, whether that’s writing a personal statement or preparing for a presentation

✔ Numerous opportunities throughout your academic program to develop your English language skills, whether that’s building vocabulary to talk about your subject, or developing your speaking skills to present your Time To Shine project

Course Objectives

Over the course of this two-week programme, you will learn:

  • Foundational Principles: Students will learn the fundamental principles of art and design, including composition, colour theory, and perspective.
  • Exploration of Mediums: Students will experiment with various artistic mediums and techniques, from painting and sculpture to digital art.
  • Creative Expression: The course encourages students to explore their unique creative voices and develop their personal artistic style.
  • Art History and Context: Students will gain an understanding of the historical and cultural context of art, enriching their appreciation for the art world.
  • Portfolio Development: By the end of the course, students will have a portfolio of their work that reflects their artistic growth and creativity.
    – and develop and apply core 21st century skills through fun and engaging lessons, including critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration

Download the full academic overview and sample timetable

The Time to Shine Project

Develop your public speaking skills. Share your passion. Inspire your classmates.

Today, giving great presentations are a vital skill for achieving academic and professional success. Our programmes reflect this by having the ‘art of presenting’ at the heart of their content, and allow you to discover new confidence when using English in public situations.

It’s more than just a chance to enhance your public speaking skills, though; it’s an opportunity for you to share your passion and subject knowledge with your fellow classmates. Through your presentations, you will become sources of inspiration, and encourage others to delve deeper into your subject.



The Time to Shine Project

Over the two-week programme, you will participate in two Time To Shine Projects.

Week One: Artistic Masterpiece Recreation

In the first week’s “Time to Shine” project, students will collaborate to recreate an iconic artistic masterpiece. Each student will select a renowned artwork from art history, and as a team, they will work to reproduce it using their chosen medium and techniques. This project not only allows students to hone their technical skills but also encourages them to dive into the world of art history, gaining a deeper understanding of the styles and techniques employed by the masters.

Week Two: Creative Installation Exhibition

In the second week’s “Time to Shine” project, students will transform into exhibition curators and artists. Working collaboratively, they will design and create a unique art installation that reflects a contemporary theme or issue they are passionate about. This installation will serve as the centrepiece of their own mini-art exhibition. Students will not only showcase their artistic talents but also communicate a powerful message through their collective creation, demonstrating the impact of art in addressing societal concerns. This project encourages creativity, teamwork, and the exploration of art as a means of conveying powerful messages.

Industry Experience

Industry Experience

Dive deeper into your field beyond the classroom

Enhance your academic foundation with our comprehensive Industry Experience sessions. These sessions are both on-site, in which you will participate in workshops on-campus that are led by an industry professional and blend practical engagement with immersive learning, and off-site, in which students engage in excursions that complement your course content and will broaden your horizons.

Students will have the privilege of visiting renowned art galleries, immersing themselves in a curated collection of artistic masterpieces, and gaining insights about the intricacies of art creation, curation, and the evolving world of contemporary art and design.

Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

Leaders of today inspiring the Leaders of tomorrow

Every Wednesday morning, students can interact with leading professionals and academics. These sessions offer insightful discussions, expert views, and Q&A sessions that promote intellectual growth.

These sessions illuminate the creative process, the intersection of art with technology, the journey from inspiration to realisation, and the ever-changing dynamics of modern artistic expressions

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching

Stand out and shine

Whether you’re looking to apply for a UK university or just keen to make sure your university application is as strong as possible, our academic coaching sessions aim to ensure you stand apart from your peers.

These workshops will not just focus on writing personal statements and preparing for university, but also help you to develop your public speaking skills, an integral skill for university courses.

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I wanted to say thank you for these wonderful days that my daughter Martina had. It was an unforgettable experience. Every night she called me to tell me about all her activities and her classes. As a parent, I am very satisfied because the learning she received will be very useful in her future life at the university. Thanks to all your team members for everything.

Esperanza, Parent, Ecuador

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