What is Summer School like at Summer Boarding Courses? Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of Summer Boarding Courses. This week our last cycle of students arrived at Oxford College to start their 2 weeks studying with us in the UK! Meanwhile, our students at SBC Oxford and SBC Canford experienced their last week with us.

Our Summer Schools, as always, have been jam-packed with educational and memorable moments. What is Summer School like at SBC? Read on to discover this week’s highlights!

What is Summer School like at Summer Boarding Courses?

With just one week left of Summer Boarding Courses this year, we have been making the most of Week 5.

Highlights include a highly active Superhero Day, a delightful excursion to the historical town of Bath, trampolining and film making. We have also been taking a walking tour around Oxford, seeing London from above on The Shard and experiencing more amazing Time to Shine moments.

Let’s delve deeper into our favourite moments from this week!

SBC Canford become superheroes

This Saturday morning students at SBC Canford awoke to a surprise! Awaiting in their houses was a goody bag for each of them, full of their very own individual and colourful superhero costume.

Students quickly got dressed in their new attire before flying down to breakfast to start their fantastic ‘Superhero Day’. We got our energy up with lots of yummy food, before diving straight into lessons to prepare for Time to Shine on Sunday.

Little did our students know that their teachers had also transformed into the best superheroes ever! We had the pleasure of having Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk and Wonder woman to name just a few.

During the break, students had the opportunity to compete in mini challenges to win stickers for a big prize in the evening. Games included arm wrestling, a piñata, making a human period and solving trivia questions.

In the afternoon, students had lots of fun playing different sports before heading to Spashdown water park in the evening! What a day!

Watch our SBC Canford Instagram Story highlights to see the full Superhero Day in action

A delightful trip to Bath

There are so many reasons to visit England: one being the fascinating history running throughout our streets and cities! Have you ever visited the city of Bath?

It is here that the historical Roman Baths complex is! Founded in the 1st century AD by the Romans, the natural hot springs were transformed into a soothing and restorative thermal spa. Students had the chance to visit on Friday, walking along the original Roman pavements and seeing the ruins of the Temple of Sulis Minerv.

With plenty of time to explore the site with their teachers and friends using the fun English audio guides, our students really enjoyed immersing themselves in the experience. We all got to try the water at the end too. Did you know that it contains over 42 different minerals, the most concentrated being sulphate, calcium & chloride? Now that’s a healthy cup of water!

Oxford College and Headington Oxford explore Oxford

Whilst SBC Canford students were in Bath, our Oxford College and Headington Oxford students were exploring Oxford this week! It is always a pleasure to bring our students to one of the most prestigious and visually stunning cities in the UK.

Oxford University is one of the leading Universities in the World. It is the oldest university in the English-speaking world and around every twist and corner of this fascinating city, there is something enjoyable to learn and discover!

Our students across both campuses came to listen to the local professional tour guides and unearth stories they had not heard before.

If you are exploring Oxford yourself, we highly recommend that you visit the That Oxford Girl blog for a student’s perspective and Oxford tips!

Our top health and wellbeing activities of the week

Every week there are plenty of activities and sports for our students to choose from after their lesson time. Some of the sports and activities we have been enjoying this week include zorbing, yoga, badminton, basketball, volleyball and football.

Headington Oxford head to the top of The Shard

This week Headington Oxford had a great day out in London exploring along the Thames, walking through the boutique shops in Covent Garden and whizzing up to the top of The Shard.

Standing at almost 310 metres, The Shard is a striking, prominent feature of our skyline in London today. Soaring high into the clouds, it is the perfect place to scale to the top of the capital city for breathtaking views.

Our students enjoyed looking out from above to take in all of our main attractions at once.

Have you been to the top of The Shard? Tell us in the comments!

SBC Canford’s Lip Sync Battle

SBC Oxford showed us just how much they could rock a couple of weeks ago when they performed their epic lip-sync battles in front of their teachers and peers. Could SBC Canford top it?

Our students were a little apprehensive at first to sing and dance in front of everyone, so before the main event, our Activity Leaders banded together and showed them how it’s done! We witnessed amazing energy and gusto from our staff, and slowly but surely, our students realised just what was possible!

By the middle of the day in breaktime, everyone was up on their feet singing and dancing to their favourite tracks and by the evening, it was time for the real thing!

We were treated to true British classics such as Dancing Queen by ABBA, but also saw an amazing performance of ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’. That routine will not be forgotten quickly by any means!

SBC Canford present their final Time to Shine

All good things must come to an end, and alas, this week we are saying goodbye to SBC Canford and SBC Oxford students. SBC Canford pulled out all the stops this week in their Time to Shine presentations. We are proud of you!

Your presentation and speaking skills are excellent and it was a joy to hear your thoughts and ideas based on what you have been learning in your classrooms.

One group of students have created an app to help reduce noise pollution through planting more trees along busy roads. Another group discussed their ideas on how we at Summer Boarding Courses can improve our students’ experiences next year.

We were also treated to some really fun quizzes and trivia, with audience participation required.

Well done to the teachers who took part too. Yes, even those teachers who had to compete with each other to see how many press-ups you could do, after our students estimated your strength!