What is Summer School like at Summer Boarding Courses? Week 4

What is Summer School like at Summer Boarding Courses? Welcome to Week 4 of the weekly round-ups of our 6 weeks of summer school across 5 campuses! This week concludes the end of Oxford College at Wycliffe campus, whilst SBC Oxford, SBC Canford and Headington Oxford continue to have awesome experiences with our record-topping 101 nationalities this year!

What is Summer School like at Summer Boarding Courses? Let’s find out…

What is Summer School like at SBC?

This week includes an insight into our English Plus+ Adventure Sports programme, health and wellbeing activities, a zombie attack, music workshops, SBC Oxford’s epic lip-sync battle, SBC Canford’s London day out, Oxford College’s Time to Shine presentations and of course, their final graduation ceremony.

SBC Canford and Headington Oxford go kayaking

This week SBC Canford and Headington Oxford enjoyed getting their feet (and more than that!) wet in the water during their English Plus+ Adventure Sports sessions. Students can choose English Plus+ options to replace their multi-activity programme on two afternoons per week for an additional cost. Adventure Sports is one of these options and we highly recommend it.

Students learnt how to hold and use their kayaking paddles to manoeuvre and traverse across the waters. Once they got the hang of it, they played lots of games to put their skills to the test. Fun afternoons were had with lots of splashing about!

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SBC Oxford perform an epic lip-sync battle

Possibly the battle of all battles, SBC Oxford students teamed up with their teachers and houseparents to perform a song and dance together to an epic track for lip-sync battle night. Hilarity, awesomeness, star-studded dance moves and routines ensued, with the rest of us cheering and singing along.

The judges; consisting of 3 very glamorous and dramatic animals, listened intently and gave their scores at the end with much gusto and enthusiasm. Can anyone perform a better version of ‘Take on Me’ in 2020? We will just have to wait and see!

SBC Canford see London from above on the London Eye

This Friday, students from SBC Canford (aged 11-15) ventured to London to have a fun day out in the capital. In the afternoon the weather was perfect for our students to step aboard our world-famous London Eye along the River Thames. With absolutely stunning 360-degree views, students kept their eyes peeled for the Palace of Westminister, Big Ben, The Shard and Buckingham Palace to name just a few landmarks.

Did you know that you can see as far as 25 miles (45km) on a clear day from the London Eye?

Afterwards, students enjoyed shopping and eating yummy pizza before heading home.

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Take care of your Health and Wellbeing

At Summer Boarding Courses, our students’ health and wellbeing is paramount. There are plenty of options to choose from to relax, unwind and be active to take care of your mind and body.

Some of the highlights in our programme this week included badminton, yoga, cheerleading class, arts and crafts, dodgeball, volleyball, ping pong and so much more.

SBC Oxford gets stuck into Science

What better way to learn about science than to become a scientist yourself for the afternoon? Our students had lots of fun and opportunities for creative moments on Sunday afternoon with the fantastic Sublime Science team this week.

We were treated to scientific magic tricks and experiments which left us feeling amazed. How do the scientists do it? Lucky us got to find out.

We were shown how to make our own sweets, bubbles, and our favourite of all time, slime; all whilst learning about space and our environments.

Headington Oxford feel the rhythm

Headington Oxford had a musical afternoon on Sunday after their Time to Shine presentations to let loose and relax! Full of varied beats on the drums and other percussion instruments, the students were lead by a professional to experiment and play together. It was a really fun afternoon and students discovered some of their hidden talents!

Oxford College present their Time to Shine projects

This week we had a fascinating last Time to Shine Sunday at Oxford College on the Wycliffe Hall campus.

Our students in Law, International Relations, English Literature and Creative Writing Class, Medicine and Engineering all presented their ideas to their peers.

We learnt about Contract Law, how to help people in different medical emergencies, the history of women in Politics, saw a talent show and witnessed a brilliant presentation on the possibility of living on Mars.

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Oxford College graduate!

Last but very much not least, our oldest SBC students at Oxford College celebrated the end of their studies at their graduation ceremony. Wycliffe Hall campus students spent their evening at Cherwell Boathouse whilst their fellow St Hughs peers enjoyed an evening at Oxford’s Town Hall.

We were blown away with the heartfelt words our students shared with us about their experiences this Summer. It has been a very memorable time full of many learning experiences. Thank you to all our students who have made this Summer such an amazing one so far!

Make sure to come back next week for our Week 5 roundup. We will be featuring more of SBC Canford, Headington Oxford, SBC Oxford and Oxford College.

See you next week!