For many students few subjects cause as much stress as Maths. With its highly cognitive abstract nature Maths poses a unique challenge and many students benefit from additional support. As a subject Maths relies heavily upon sequential learning, where students are required to take a process learned in one lesson before applying it again to advance at the next.

This is tough, because it requires a lot of patience, a lot of focus, and let’s not forget, a lot of continuous learning without disruption. So whether a student has a natural aptitude for Maths or finds it much harder to grasp, a Maths summer camp which consolidates the content covered in a school curriculum can really help to bolster a students mathematical thinking skills. So with this point in mind, lets consider the many other ways in which attending a Maths summer camp can support students.

An inspiring environment

Being stuck in the same stuffy Highschool classroom whilst you try to get your head round Pure and Applied Mathematics can for many students add to the anxiety surrounding maths, so in many a ways a change is as good as a rest.

At SBC we offer students the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable summer school program whilst exploring university style mathematics in some of the most inspiring university surroundings of anywhere in the country.

Can you imagine the confidence being a young footballer training at Old Trafford would give? Or an actor learning their craft on the stage of The Globe? Well the same very much applies for an A Level student waking up and studying amongst the prestige, history and heritage of Oxford, Eton, or Rochester.

A mathematics summer school classroom

Likeminded students

For many students their knowledge of mathematics may not need to stretch beyond having solid foundations in which to excel at their STEM related careers. They may not want to excel at a Hawkingesque level of black hole thermodynamics and quantum fields in curved spacetimes; so a Maths summer school can really help underpin an appreciation of mathematical research, what is required in problem solving sessions, and above all allow students to be around other likeminded students who simply need to get their Maths to a certain level.

Summer schools are a wonderful release from the pressures of a student’s everyday school life in which it is only natural to compare yourself to others in the classroom, so a mathematics summer school is a fantastic place in which to connect with new students who are at the same point in their academic journeys.

Conversely, if your child has a prodigious mathematical mind and feels isolated at school, you can bet your last Isosceles Triangle that they will meet other young gifted people who also have that same flare.

Future Cambridge academics? They're having the summer of their lives!

Social development

It may well be fueling the lazy ‘geek’ stereotype that young academic people tend to be quite introverted and have a certain aversion to being around lots of new people, but the major triumphs of each summer school are not always academic, but very much about the social development of our students at SBC summer schools. With so much emphasis on independent study, young people can often find the world beyond the textbook and the homework diary, quite a struggle to adapt to when it comes to branching out and making new friends and working with others.

At SBC by signing up to courses students work alongside new peers, tackle new exciting challenges and get to bond by working together in our activities programs and get to socialize in their free time. At SBC the young people we have the privilege of working with each year, get to thrive in exciting new areas, not only as students but very much as young burgeoning outgoing people.

Inspires enthusiasm and academic progress

A mathematics summer school can broaden a student’s horizons because it is not simply two weeks of fun, but very much about breaking new ground in a student’s appreciation of Maths. Our students frequently leave with a higher appreciation for mathematics and enthusiasm in calculus, improved problem-solving skills, and confidence in confronting academic problems, which has the potential to spark a lifelong interest in Maths.

Summer school includes stories of young people finding their passion every year.

Furthermore, our young aspiring mathematicians who have excelled in advanced math competitions and contests, and who have even attended previous summer school lectures, will find that it helps them even further to stand out in university applications and job progression. Under the guidance of our expert tutors students can demonstrate their passion and competency to top university admission officers.


Even if students have the the benefit of world class teaching throughout the rest of the year, students always need to be able to adapt to different pedagogical approaches in order to further prosper in their academic career.

At each of our maths summer camps students will have the luxury of being taught by expert tutors, who were not only postgraduate students themselves with an infectious enthusiasm to study mathematics, and knowledgeable in everything from elementary combinatorics, mathematical biology, to theoretical physics, but our tutors are also selected for their ability to deliver dynamic and engaging lessons, where the students are encouraged to share their ideas in order to develop their confidence.


Explore ideas and solve problems with wonderful teachers

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