The weeks are rapidly rolling in at SBC and we are making the most of the precious moments that make our summers so spectacular.

There’s Nothing Quite Like Summer School Friends


The unique environment created at each SBC summer school allows young people from a variety of diverse backgrounds the opportunity to communicate, connect and better understand each other. Every day, our team see instant bonds forming as students discuss their academic programmes, personal ambitions and favourite hobbies with one another. Seeing these exchanges blossoming into wonderful friendships is a truly rewarding experience for everyone at SBC.

Students take part in industry experiences, cultural excursions, psychical challenges and academic obstacles together, all whilst continuing to learn about themselves – this creates a platform for friendship like no other, making students cherish their SBC friendships and create unforgettable summers together.

Academic Workshops

To ensure that all students continue to thrive academically, they have access to a diverse range of weekly workshops and inspiring learning experiences that will stick with them throughout their academic career and life. The workshops are given by recognised public speakers and leaders in their field. They are often combination of a lecture and a fun immersive activity that give students the freedom to share their thoughts on the topics whilst absorbing expert knowledge.

So far this year, students have been fortunate enough to hear from some incredible speakers, from a former British Ambassador to our very own Duke’s Education Sales Director. Students have been able to see where careers in their chosen subject can progress to and be inspired by the options available that they may not have considered.

SBC Summer Sports


As well as keeping minds active with SBC, we ensure that students have plenty of time to keep physically active and enjoy outdoor activities!

SBC Summer schools have been immersing themselves in the British sporting scene by getting involved with some spiffing games of cricket! Coaches spent time teaching students the rules, developing their essential skills and offering them some handy tactics. We then arranged some quick-fire fixtures for students to play against one another on the fields

It was the perfect introduction to the sport and we have spotted some budding cricketers in the group, coaches were impressed with their rapid developments in the game and are hoping to begin some hardball coaching next week!

Highlights this Week

Eton Students Walk with Royalty

This week’s new arrivals at SBC Eton College got to explore their beautiful surroundings on their first Windsor orientation. During their orientation they were able to walk in the footsteps of the Kings and Queens as they headed towards Windsor Castle. Students were amazed at how close Eton College is to the castle and are delighted to have accessibility to explore the area more in their free time.

Their walking tour was taken by Eton College Alumni, who talked them through the historic sites and shared tales of the town, answering any questions our curious students had along the way.

Our Headington students are looking forward to heading to Windsor during their summer and have time to explore the iconic town and learn more about the fascinating history that is intertwined in the area. We wonder if they will spot her Royal Highness?!

Kayaking Adventures

Students at Headington can take a variety of additional cultural and educational specialist subjects in the English Plus + package. The exciting range of options for English Plus + include Adventure Sports, Dance, General English and Art and Design. By choosing to take the additional subjects, students are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge, develop their passions and excel in the subject.

This week, those who enjoy the wilder side of life took part in English Plus + Adventure Sports. Students were immersed in nature as they visited South Cerney Outdoor centre for some water sports. An experienced kayak instructor began by teaching students about the design of the kayak, the materials it is made from and the different variations of the boat across the world. He then led them on a boat journey around the beautiful lake and allowed students to independently steer whilst teaching them paddle skills and kneeling tricks.

This experience taught student’s coordination, discipline and problem solving whilst encouraging them to get lost in nature and making lasting memories with friends.

Headington Head to the Sky!

Headington students loved their excursion to Brighton this week. They spent their free time with friends meandering around the cobbles of The Lanes and exploring the exciting amusements on the Brighton Pier!

As a group, students then headed 450ft up in the air on the British Airways I360. They made their way up to the viewing gallery and were able to see miles of the British Coastal line. During their I360 tour, they were able to learn about the engineering of the fascinating structure and take lots of photos of the stunning views.

The Great Debate

Public speaking, debate and listening skills are at the foundation of education and by developing these skills, we believe that students can broaden their horizons and excel in their academic pursuits.

SBC tutors place emphasis on the importance of presentation, delivery and expression during their lessons and Oxford College students were able to exercise the skills that have developed during their time here but taking part in an official debate at Oxford Town Hall!

Prior to the main debate, tutors encouraged independent research whilst helping them develop their critical listening, speaking and thinking skills. All of these skills ensured that students led a successful and interesting debate on the day.

Cambridge students were also able to have a priceless experience that enhanced their understanding of the art of debate by visiting the legendary Cambridge Union. Cambridge Union is an iconic building whereby global leaders, academics and public figures have engaged in public debates. There is endless knowledge stored here that educate and inspire those visiting. Students heard the workshop on “an inter-species future?” and had the opportunity to share their ideas about the debate with one another. It was an eye-opening Cambridge experience that challenged views and ignited exciting conversation

I love the variety of people here. It is very interesting to meet so many people from different cultures and so many lovely people. I think that is what I will remember the most.

Luca, International Relations and Business student

Oxford Oscars

Students were given the opportunity to show their inner movie stars at the Oxford Oscars event this week!

Groups of students were given creative freedom to put together a film for the event and students really went all out with their performances! Mentors were on hand to offer guidance to the creative directors and encouraged them to attempt to use the filmmaking software provided. Each film was made with passion, humour and creativity and reflected how unique each student truly is.

College Mentors made the event spectacular by laying out a lavish red carpet welcoming the well-presented guests to the awards ceremony with glasses of fizz (alcohol free, of course), along with popcorn and other movie theatre goodies. There was such a mixture of funny, thoughtful and artistic filmmaking amongst the group and the audience loved every one of them. The judges gave out Oscars for best actor, best picture best screen play and best cinematography.

Let the Games Begin!

SBC students work so hard during their lessons, so we like to make the evening activities as fun and energetic as possible!

Cambridge students went head-to-head in their ‘In it to Win it’ event this week. They challenged one another to hectic and heavy competitions such as sack races, three legged races and extreme dodgeball. Students were beaming with excitement and smiles as they won their tug of war against SBC staff!

Activity Leaders organised an unforgettable evening of Silly Olympics at SBC Headington! Students had so much fun as they raced on space hoppers, completed hilarious obstacle courses and threw water balloons at the staff! The bonus round amped up the competition as students had to answer the most ridiculous riddles that led them on a treasure hunt around the school. There was so much laughter throughout the school all evening.

Weekly Well-Being

At each SBC summer school, students mental and psychical well-being is at the forefront of all that we do.

During well-being sessions, we believe that it is important to offer students the opportunity to stretch their minds and improve their cognitive function. This week we offered a variety of classic and modern board games for students to enjoy with peers and mentors. Playing board games not only allows students to bond with their housemates but it also improves concentration, creativity and memory.

Oxford College have taken a particular interest in chess this week and it appears that we have a chess prodigy amongst the group – Dior ! We impressed to discover that Dior is a highly skilled chess player who takes part and wins competitions across the world. He taught the College Mentors a thing or two about strategy and gameplay!