With some of our summer schools hitting the month mark, none of our wonderful summer camps showed any signs of slowing down. Packed full of learning adventure with a dizzying amount of activity fun, from week three we can share yet another blog bursting with achievement, friendship, and memories to treasure.        

Now what news from the colleges?  

Oxford takes to the catwalk

On Wednesday evening, Wadham and Wycliffe’s students collaborated for a trashion show like no other! Armed with spare materials and old clothes, they transformed discarded items into stunning (and somewhat questionable) fashion pieces. Strutting down the runway, they showcased their unique creations to a panel of judges, exuding confidence and style. It was an evening of celebration, where innovation met fashion, and sustainability took center stage. 

Cosmic Human Rights 

Also in Oxford, International Relations was particularly interesting as students immersed themselves in an intriguing class. After exploring the Universal Bill of Human Rights, they were transported to another planet to devise a new set of human rights for coexistence in the far reaches of the universe. Their enthusiasm and impressive approach left us thoroughly impressed with their creativity and thoughtfulness in envisioning a future where fundamental human rights prevail across interplanetary societies. 


Meanwhile, in Cambridge, students’ feet were firmly on the ground when they had the privilege of attending a captivating talk by a Cambridge graduate. All about the university application process, students found the session extremely useful, and they eagerly engaged with the speaker, asking numerous questions, and expressed genuine interest in furthering their education in the UK. The talk covered essential topics like the application process, and personal statements, and highlighted various universities across the country. We are thrilled to announce that the speaker, Hayley, left a lasting impression, and we’re eagerly anticipating her return for more enlightening discussions in the future.  


For our amazing students in Windsor, they managed to gatecrash Oxford’s punting party by having some classic Oxford fun themselves — with you guessed it – Punting! Students were chauffeured along the serene River Cherwell, where they enjoyed the tranquil surroundings and listened to interesting stories about the tradition of Punting. Following their Punting adventure, they made our way to the bustling Westgate shopping centre in the heart of Oxford city centre. Here, students had a fantastic time exploring the vibrant streets, indulging in delicious British sweets, and even doing a bit of retail therapy with their friends! 

Returning to Windsor from their punting adventures, Eton set out on an excursion to Windsor Castle! Despite the many crowds of tourists, the blue skies made the experience truly delightful. Inside the castle’s historic walls, students explored its captivating grounds, finding souvenirs at the gift shop to share with family and friends. Witnessing the guards’ impressive march and musical performances was a fantastic highlight to an already memorable outing!  


Down in Kent, Monday night was an absolute blast as Rochester immersed itself in the world of board games at the delightful board game café at the end of the High Street. The special middle mezzanine garden area was exclusively open for us, offering a cosy and relaxed setting to enjoy over 300 board games. Laughter and friendly competition filled the air as we discovered new games and played old favourites. It was an evening filled with more counters, cards, and dice than we’d probably ever seen before.    


Over in Dorset, Canford organized some fantastic whole-school events, including the Scottish Games. During lunchtime, the SBC team arrived dressed in traditional Scottish attire, complete with face paint and bagpipe music, bringing a lively spirit to the lunch hall. After lunch, the Scottish-themed games commenced on the cricket field, with children dancing to Scottish music and engaging in various entertaining activities. The evening concluded with a spirited staff tug-of-war, adding a touch of friendly competition to the festivities. 


Saved deliberately till last to finish on an action-packed bang, our entertainment provider Ultimate Activities got up and running at Twyford. They really do redefine how much fun is possible in one afternoon. This week our youngest students had an amazing chance to explore their interests and try out various sports and new games including Swimming, fencing, handball, badminton, and pedal karts, as well as lesser-known sports such as – tchoukball and tri-golf – you name it, this week Twyford have done it! And the laughter and joy that has echoed through this sensational school has been a testament to the amazing time they have been having. Twyford during activities time truly is a whirlwind of fun.   

Go Ape 

And as if all of that wasn’t enough fun, hold on tight….because you’re going to hear about the highlight of Twyford’s summer camp so far – the thrilling adventure at Go Ape! It was an absolute triumph as our learning adventurers soared through the treetops, ziplined like superheroes, and conquered the nets like Tarzan. The enthusiasm and joy in everyone’s eyes were simply infectious.  

So, there you have it, yet another extraordinary week at SBC, bouncing with edutainment and taking constant steps to further our cross-cultural appreciation of one another. As these refreshingly cool summer weeks pass by, hands high five and cuddles get tighter as more and more students continue to make wonderful new friends. With so much inspiration in their minds and so much enlightened passion in their hearts, we will continue to take tremendous joy in sharing all the adventures your child continues to have this summer.