SBC week 2.2 2

We cannot believe that we are at the end of the SBC summer and what an incredible summer it has been!  

Since the moment our first students arrived it has been an endless journey of learning, laughter and growth.  We have seen students transform as they discover their unique passions and explore their incredible academic abilities. The friendships made here will last a lifetime and the unforgettable experiences that have been shared has shaped them into the remarkable young adults they have come to be.  

This doesn’t mean that it is the end of their SBC journey, we are certain students will continue to apply the knowledge and life skills they have gained at summer school in their everyday lives! 

An amazing year of academics!  

The academic program at SBC is far beyond standard classroom learning. It gives students the chance to take part in practical workshops, immersive themselves in working industries and learn from world-class professors. Each lesson is meticulously planned to open students’ minds, ignite their curiosity and supply them with the tools they need to succeed in that subject.  

This year tutors have been blown away the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm students have shown in their lessons. They have been constantly asking thoughtful questions and listening carefully to the complex answers that are given, taking in the knowledge in every way possible. 

Throughout the summer they have produced amazing app ideas, business models and artwork that has stunned both their peers and staff and we know that their innovative ideas along with their personal drive will serve them well in the professional world. 

The SBC Team 

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The incredible SBC summer would not be possible without the amazing staff that have helped make it such an enormous success!  

Mentors, Activity Leaders, House Parents, Tutors and Managers have worked relentlessly to ensure that every student has felt valued and welcomed during their time here. They dedicate time to each student to get to know them, support them and impose their wealth of advice and wisdom.  

They have gone above and beyond to organise immense evening activities, team building workshops and unforgettable house nights – all of these special touches epitomise the SBC experience and make it unforgettable for both staff and students.  

SBC Community  

The intense summer school experience creates a wholesome, unique community like no other.  

Students and staff share their passions, interests and personality traits with one another every day and create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable and express themselves freely. By spending their summer experiences with one another, sharing responsibilities and laughing through the challenges, students are able to feel part of something much bigger than your average summer school.  

They have all left their mark by being part of the journey together and individual identities will be interlaced within the SBC community in years to come. 

Highlights of the final week.. 

Rochester Strut their Stuff! 

Through lessons and activities, SBC educate students on the importance of being conscious of the environment, and actively encourage them to be a positive part in changing the world by taking small actions that make a big difference.  

Activity Leaders are always finding new ways to promote sustainability and re-use any waste that there may be.  

A fun way to get students involved and bring out their creative sides was by organising a Trashion show! Rochester students worked in teams and collected as many bin bags, boxes and plastic items as they could to create their diverse outfits ready for the runway!  

Students had such a laugh as they designed, crafted and created their fashion pieces and we really have some future designers amongst us!  

Beach Day!  

As well as the huge variety of educational excursions and city adventures that are on offer for students, it is also important for them to be able to discover the natural beauty that lies within the UK.  

This week, Headington students picked up their buckets and spades for a day at Bournemouth, Dorset. Bournemouth has a specular beach where golden sands stretch for miles, it is surrounded by stunning gardens and calm waters that make for a relaxing day out.  

The sun was shining as they arrived at the seaside town and activity leaders put together some fun beach games for everyone to enjoy. Some students had a splash around in the sea whilst others relaxed on deck chairs, breathing in the fresh sea air with their friends.  

These key moments will make lasting memories for students as they reflect on their time at SBC, being young and carefree by the seaside!  

Proper British Cuisine  

Each SBC campus offers a diverse and delicious menu for students to enjoy. Chefs ensure each meal is freshly prepared and nutritiously dense. They create a weekly menu that includes foods from different countries, allowing students to discover new and exciting foods that they may not have known existed!  

This week, Rochester enjoyed a traditional Sunday roast! The roast dinner has been part of British lives for centuries and many homes in the UK will eat this filling dish every week with their families. The dinner was a big hit with the students, and they even went up for seconds! 

Headington students also got a taste of the Great British cuisine as they enjoyed some fish and chips! This popular dish can be considered the Britian’s national dish and it was wonderful for students to get an authentic experience of enjoying them by the seaside! 

International Evening 

Each year, students travel from all over the world to join the summer school programme, this allows SBC to give students a truly international experience.  By immersing themselves in new cultures and being part of an interconnected environment, they can enhance their languages, expand their worldview and develop social skills that allow them to adapt to diverse cultures in the future.  

To encourage questioning and fulfil curiosities of different cultures, Headington put together an International Evening! Students introduced games from their home countries, they tried new foods together and learnt about one another’s cultural customs.  

The evening really took off when students began performing and teaching their traditional dances, played music from their countries, and even brought out multiple instruments from the music room! 

It was an evening of celebration and unity that made students appreciate the values in each culture and acknowledge the rich diversity of students that are part of SBC.  

Bright Futures Ahead  


At SBC Students are valued outside of the classroom and we understand that they are not defined by their academic achievements but through their personal pursuits and wonderful personalities. The special qualities in each student are what will lead them to incredible futures.   

During their time here, students have significantly developed their confidence, grown with their friends and learnt about who they are and who they want to be. We know each one of them will flourish and blossom, reaching their personal targets and continuing to touch the hearts of the people that they meet. We would like to thank every student for being their true selves which has made summer 2022 so amazing and memorable. 

Whatever you chose to do and whatever magnificent adventures your unique paths will lead you to, always remember that you have a special place within the SBC family! 

We wish you all the best for the exciting future ahead and welcome each one of you back for Summer 2023!