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As we enter the new year, you’ll hear a lot of discussion around new year’s resolutions and goals for the year ahead; maybe you’ve already made some of your own, which is great! However how many times do you say you’re going to do something and a couple of weeks later haven’t? That’s completely normal! Staying motivated and keeping on track takes practice and consistency.

When it comes to achieving success we must set goals that are achievable and understand what small steppingstones may be in between that support achieving your overall goal. One way to enhance your chances of success is to make your goals SMART.


What are SMART goals?

You may have heard this term before but not understand exactly what it means. SMART is an acronym for a set of specific criteria that you can use to dive deeper into your overall goal which will help you to invest in the outcome. SMART goals can be created for personal, educational, and professional purposes!


Set SMART Goals

Use the criteria below to build out and define your SMART goal.

S – Specific
Make your goal clear and concise. The more specific it is the easier it will be for you to understand what is needed to complete your goal.

M – Measurable
How will you track your progress to know that you are on the right path? Setting smaller milestones will help you see your progress will keep you motivated towards the end goal.

A – Achievable
It’s important to remember to challenge yourself but also be realistic. Setting a goal that ultimately isn’t achievable will deter your efforts and demotivate you.

R – Relevant
When setting goals think about how they will benefit your long-term plans. Making goals relevant to future opportunities will make them worthwhile achieving in the long run.

T – Time-bound
When do you want to complete your goal? Setting a deadline will help hold you accountable!

SMART Goal Planner

To support you in putting this into practice, we’ve created a SMART sheet to help you plan out and visualise your new goals. Spend some time thinking about each section above and write a sentence next to each criteria along with four milestones that will support you in achieving your overall goal. That way you’ll know you’re on the path to success!

Don’t forget to add time constraints to your milestones that will keep you accountable and be sure to check them off as you reach them.

Download your free SMART Goal Planner:
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