5 Reasons Why You Should Return to Summer Boarding Courses

Have you spent a Summer with us at our Summer Schools before? Are you thinking about coming back again? We think that’s a great idea! But naturally, we’re biased. So we only did what was right. We asked you (our brilliant students) on our SBC Instagram, why you return to Summer Boarding Courses year upon year. You answered, and the answers are great! Here’s 5 reasons why you should return to Summer Boarding Courses this year.

Most of the following reasons are directly from our students who shared their enthusiasm and testimonials with us. We couldn’t help but add a few of our ideas too though! Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts and feelings. They are excellent.

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We are the UK’s highest ranked multi-centre Summer School

Did you know that we are the United Kingdom’s highest ranked multi-centre Summer School for international students aged 8 to 17? EL Gazette ranked us right at the top because of our British Council inspection results. We gained 15 out of 15 areas of strength in the British Council’s assessment. What a result!

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You will continue to grow

We are so proud of what all of you have achieved so far. We are proud of our amazing staff and teachers but we are also beaming with pride about you, our students!

Summer Boarding Courses is a global family and we have had the honour of seeing many of you return to us each Summer. Yes, your English improves, but your time in England is about so much more than just your language skills. We have seen many students in our 10 years, blossoming into thoughtful, creative, passionate and highly-determined global citizens.

You strive for better every year and we strive to give you the best Summer you have experienced yet!

Here is what our students have to say:

‘I have so many wonderful memories of SBC and want to make even more wonderful memories’ – Abdullah from the UAE

‘It is like a dream that you want to experience again and again. You will never grow tired of it’ – Alexander from Bulgaria

You will be a part of 95+ nationalities

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Summer Boarding Courses is the sheer number of different nationalities that come and join us each Summer. Last Summer we welcomed over 95 different nationalities! We purposely put a cap on how many students from each country can attend our summer courses so that we can create a rich and varied environment. This way, students will feel encouraged to speak English to make friends with each other and learn so much more.

Attending Summer Boarding Courses is your ticket to the world at large in more ways than one! You will not only be learning about English culture, but many others too.

This is what our returning students had to say…

‘I’m excited to make some new friends again this year!’ – Frini from Greece

‘I love returning to SBC to meet new and interesting people’ – Hamed, Oman

‘It’s a new world at SBC’ – Anooshay, Pakistan

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Friends are for life

Coming to a Summer School in a country different from your own can be a little daunting, but this is your chance to make many friends from all over the world (who are probably feeling a little bit nervous too)!

We see students form very strong friendships with each other and they last. So much so that students will return Summer upon Summer to be able to see their friends that they met from many years before.

We have even seen that students at SBC will choose to call their friends who may have returned home sooner than them, instead of their parents, during Phone Time. This is how close students become.

Almost all of the testimonials we received from our students talked about friendship! This is what our students have to say:

‘I’ve returned before and I will again. It is an amazing experience. I made so many friends that I can’t count them all. I still keep in touch with most of them!’ – Angelica from Italy

‘I return because I want to see my friends from the year before…and I love travelling!’ – Manolis from Greece

‘You meet your friends again from other countries. It’s a reunion!’ – Justus from Germany

‘Summer Boarding Courses hold a special place in my heart because of the lifelong friends I have made along the way’ – Abdullah, Oman

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You will be able to graduate at Oxford College

We provide Summer School experiences for students from age 8, all the way up to age 17. Some of our returning students have been with us from the very start, beginning their journey at SBC Canford, then moving their way up to Headington Oxford and then finally, Oxford College.

At Oxford College, all students have the chance to attend their very own graduation ceremony, where they receive certificates and awards to acknowledge their hard work! It is an evening which students very much look forward to going to, where they can celebrate their achievements with their friends.

What is available for you to study at each Summer School grows as you grow. By the time you get to Oxford College, this will be your chance to prepare for University with our specific expert sessions and experience a taste of what University life is like by studying with SBC in one of Oxford University’s very own colleges.

Placing Summer Boarding Courses on your application to University will hold you in excellent stead too. If you are returning to Headington Oxford this year, keep Oxford College in your mind as the ultimate goal!

Are you returning to SBC this Summer?

We look forward to seeing you again very soon and continuing to be a part of your ongoing English journey!

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