As more amazing young people brought down the curtain on their incredible summer learning adventures, we take in some of the best of the action from across all our fantastic campuses. From spectacular graduation parties to inspirational museum visits, week four continued to buzz with that wonderful SBC energy.

Let’s begin the round up with our college courses.


This week Cambridge College has been a buzzing hive of activity. The students have had another few days full day of lessons, diligently working on their ‘Time to Shine’ projects. The business teams were back in the arena, selling their products during break times and free time before the evening assembly and well-being activities, everyone on campus is loving the extra treats on available via their entrepreneurial activities. Especially, Business Group One who will be donating all the profits from their startup ventures to UNICEF and WWF.


On Friday, the students headed to Oxford Town Hall to celebrate their graduation. It was a night of recognition and celebration, where they received their awards, certificates, and reports that reflected their hard work over the summer. After their meal, they danced the night away in style and enjoyed their final event with SBC.

Saying farewell to such wonderful students is always difficult, but we take comfort in knowing that they have gained valuable knowledge and formed lasting friendships during their time here. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!


Approaching its final week Rochester continues to provide inspiration and lasting memories. A highlight from last week was the trip to the British Museum. Our students had the opportunity to visit the 3rd floor of the museum, where they discovered a wealth of artefacts that directly reference the natural world. They selected natural elements that resonated with them culturally and evoked personal memories. The students captured their experiences in sketchbooks using a range of pencils, pens, and coloured pencils and also took photographs. These notes and photographs will be used as part of their art and design course to explore and develop their artistic touch.

Back on campus, the students used the information gathered at the British Museum to produce an A4 sheet containing pictures from their gallery visit experience. They also worked on their print work and reflected on their artistic approach to the natural world. The focus of the day’s lessons was to understand how the natural world has impacted their work and how this will inspire them throughout their art experimentation. Everyone involved with this wonderful group has been really inspired with how they have engaged with the natural world.


Always proactive and amazing with their non-stop energy, Thursday was an exciting day for our adventure sports students as they headed to South Cerny Lake for some kayaking. Each student had their own boat and explored around the lake. They stopped in the middle of the lake to play a few fun games that required them to use their kayaking and concentration skills. This excursion provided a unique opportunity for the students to bond with each other while enjoying the great outdoors.


On Thursday, our Eton gang had the chance to pick from various arty or sporty activities. Some students demonstrated their acting skills in Drama, where they had to pick three pieces of paper from a box – one representing a character, one a location, and one a scenario; and the combinations led to some hilarious skits, including King Charles in a supermarket at the end of the world, and Michael Jackson on a car chase at Windsor Castle! Others took part in a tower-building competition using spaghetti and marshmallows, while the astroturf pitch was alive with the sounds of a spirited football match.

And if that wasn’t enough, our Eton activity leaders hosted a Taskmaster quiz night. The room was buzzing with anticipation as students huddled in their teams, ready to take on a series of brain-teasing questions. The quiz covered a range of topics, challenging our students to think on their feet and work together to come up with the answers. The evening was filled with cheers, laughter, and friendly competition, creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.


Meanwhile at Canford, Thursday was a special day for our English Plus students as they embarked on an unforgettable Horse Riding Experience at Arniss Equestrian. Our students, from beginners to experienced riders, had an amazing time exploring the beautiful trails on horseback. The staff at Arniss Equestrian were incredibly welcoming, and their well-trained horses made the experience safe and enjoyable for everyone. After the ride, our students visited the stables where they learned about the different diets of the horses and more. It was a day filled with adventure and learning, and we highly recommend Arniss Equestrian for an exceptional experience.


Like at all our other campuses, the academic progress of the students has been so impressive at Twyford. From day one, our youngest learners have been actively participating in classes, making captivating presentations, and engaging in spirited discussions on various topics. The level of collaboration and shared learning is truly inspiring. One area where significant improvement has been noted is their English language skills. Many students have made remarkable strides in their fluency and confidence in expressing themselves. This linguistic growth is sure to serve them well in their future endeavours.

Beyond the classroom, the students have been fully immersed in a range of exciting activities. The football matches have been a highlight, brimming with enthusiasm and healthy competition.

The arts and crafts sessions have been a hotbed of creativity, with the students’ imaginations shining brightly in their creations. This week the thrill of go-karting has also been a hit, with laughter and exhilaration filling the air as the students zoom around the track.

The summer joy continues

As the final weeks of summer school begin to approach, the last thing to drop is our energy and commitment in providing as memorable an experience as we possibly can. With so many wonderful young people continuing to arrive, including many of our brilliant scholarship students, from all around the globe…we look forward to sharing all of the highlights of the next wonderful round of summer learning adventures.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned.