Welcome SBC Headington students!

We are delighted that all of the SBC Summer Schools are now up and running!

SBC Headington welcomed over 140 hundred students to their stunning campus on Monday and it has already been jam packed with events, academics and excursions.

Summer has Landed in the UK!

A heat wave hit the UK this week but that has not stopped students from having the best time with SBC!

Staff have delivered fun and creative ways to keep cool and make the most of their school facilities and exciting indoor activities. Our team also provided plenty of ice-creams, cool drinks and refreshing snacks to enjoy throughout their days.


Thankfully, England is filled with historical, cultural and educational airconditioned museums that our students were able to explorer during the warmer days.

A couple of our colleges headed to Bletchley Park, a Victorian mansion that used to be the home to the top-secret World War Two code breakers. Students spent the day exploring the secret rooms, exhibits and code breaking huts. They discussed what they had learnt from the experience whilst enjoying lunch by the lake!

When on the London excursion, students spent time visiting the museums and beautiful landmarks that make Britain unique. Students were fascinated as they visited the British Museum. The British Museum focusses on world history, art and culture and it has a variety of remarkable, thought-provoking expeditions. This is one of the many museums that students get to experience on their London excursions, to name a few: Natural History Museum, V & A Museum and The Imperial War Museum.

Hidden Talents of SBC

We love hosting talent show nights at SBC! This week Cambridge and Canford have enjoyed an evening of dancing, singing and comedy as their students took to stage for the talent show. Students had the chance to confidently perform and express themselves on stage. The event was so much fun and students celebrated, cheered and supported one another whilst they showcased their talents on the stage.

We cannot wait to uncover the talents of students across our other campuses this week!

Secret Cinema

Each SBC site holds a top-secret location for a spectacular cinema experience!

As an evening activity, students can be part of our immersive cinema whilst enjoying sweet treats with friends. SBC secret cinemas are created to be cosy and comforting so that students can relax whilst getting lost in a film they love. We encourage students to get involved with the experience by dressing up to the theme of the movie and taking part in craft activities for the event!

Oxford College Learn the Haka!

‘Nau mai haere mai, mihi atu ki a koutou katoa’ – A Mauri Welcome

SBC staff are from diverse backgrounds and cultures that add quality and comfort to SBC summers. Evening activities are an exciting time to explore the different skillsets of our SBC staff and what new skills and experiences they can offer students.

The Oxford College Welfare Officer spent time teaching students about his native dance – the Haka. He taught students about Māori culture and how the symbolic tribal dance can be performed in celebration, battle preparation or honour. Students took part in preforming the Haka and listened they listened as he explained why it is so important to be respectful to cultural and traditions.

SBC welcomes students from all over the world and we love encouraging students to take these opportunities to share their native customs and respectfully learn about one another cultural traditions.

Cambridge Students Test Their Sushi Skills!

We offer our students the opportunity to develop practical life skills such as cooking that not only help them enhance their cultural understanding but are also a great way to impress friends!

Cambridge students were given the opportunity to develop their culinary skills by taking part in a hands-on sushi making class! Their instructor gave them step-by-step guidance on how to craft the perfect sushi roll, from prepping the rice to skillfully rolling the woven mat (Makisu). They were also taught about the history of sushi and the correct terminology for the professional tools that they were using.

SBC Has Disco Fever!

To welcome the weekend to summer school and to celebrate a week of hard work, students can party with their friends at their very own disco.

Each disco has lots of excited energy, impressive dance moves and British sweet treats for students to enjoy all night long.  We go all out by transforming the school with decorations to suit the disco’s theme that night. Some of our popular disco themes are Hawaiian, glow and glitter. Silent disco is also an SBC favourite and always get students showing off their best dance moves to their favourite tunes.

SBC Headington are getting their dancing shoes ready for their first disco of the summer this weekend and we are looking forward to sharing it with you – keep an eye on the socials!


“i like to call it the SBC magic. SBC take a normal summer school and sprinkle it with their magic to it. They have an attention to detail and they are all about student focus. SBC is about how we can make this the most memorable summer for each individual student. They will always put the needs of students at the forefront of everything they do”

Aoife Dunn

Priceless Practical Experiences

Across the campuses, students have been moving from theory to practical practices to give them imperative hands on experience for their future endeavours.  At SBC we provide students with practical experiences in their classroom as they have been proven to help students retain knowledge, improve communication skills and diversify their professional skillset.

Medicine students received first aid training about how to respond in an emergency, perform CPR and how to give medicine in an emergency. They have also been practicing the stitching of wounds and learning about the techniques and skills that are needed to apply dressings and managing injuries in the medical industry.

For our Engineering students, practical experience with the thermodynamics and electric boards has proven to be a great success in their topic development. They have been adopting integral skills and processes that will benefit them in their future academic and career ambitions.

Weekly Well-being

Our weekly well-being sessions continue across the campuses this week and there has been a variety of activities that benefited students mental and physical health.

SBC Headington spent their well-being session nourishing themselves with healthy foods and learning about the significant health benefits that a balanced diet can have. They used fresh fruits and vegetables to blend up their own smoothies and drank them whilst talking part in relaxing mindful crafts.

Congratulations to our first Oxford College, Eton and Cambridge Graduates!

As we sadly have to say goodby to our students after they have spent their summer learning, growing and laughing with us – we like to celebrate their time here by hosting an unforgettable event that completes their summer perfectly.

For our college students, we provide an off-site graduation ceremony. This joyous event brings students and tutors together to acknowledge how far they have come this summer and celebrate their academic and personal achievements.

Students and staff enjoy a delicious meal together followed by an evening of dancing and bonding

So many students have made lifelong friendships at SBC and we hope that you are able to keep in touch and visit us again next year!