We are thrilled that after all the hard work and anticipation, all of our campuses are now up and running! It is wonderful to see so many excited students already getting involved in activities, making so many new friends, and giving their absolute all in class.

As we round up some of the best highlights at the start of week two, here’s our chance to reflect on some fantastic moments that happened across all our schools and colleges this past week.

Students already blowing our minds with their Time to Shine presentations

Students worked so hard in their classes all week to prepare for their Time to Shines! And all of our Tutors have been so impressed with their dedication and hard work on their projects. Any one of the projects could be worthy of special mention, but here are a few in particular that caught our eye.

At Oxford College, a group of business students offered the innovative concept of the Umbrella App, (perfectly suited for the unpredictable British weather). With captivating enthusiasm, they justified their design with compelling statistics on rainfall patterns and proposed GPS integration for each umbrella. Their engaging presentation ignited discussions and inspired a collective imagination of a smarter future.

In Cambridge’s Business & Leadership class, we gave each group in their class £50, which they went and spent on things to sell to students to make a profit. During their presentations, they presented their SWAT analysis, logo, and slogan for their business. Once their projects were completed, they then decided to spend their company’s profit on buying things for homeless people in Cambridge. A classy touch.

All is well in Wellbeing 

Across all our campuses we saw plenty of action and relaxation in Well-being activities. This is the perfect time for students to unwind, connect with one another and dedicate time to self-care. Students were able to choose from a variety of activities such as adrenaline-charged games party to energetic off-site badminton, students had the freedom to choose their preferred avenue of relaxation for the evening. The board games party was another opportunity to learn about each other’s interests and introduce some friendly competition, and at Oxford, students were even able to beat the mentors!

At all of our campuses those who focused on their physical well-being well and truly sweated it out by taking part in many different sporting activities, including at Oxford and Rochester a full hour of circuit training! College Mentors motivated and encouraged the athletes as they squatted, planked and skipped intensely. It was amazing at each campus to see how hard each student was working and how supportive they were to one another in all activities.

London came calling  

On Saturday London came calling for many of our campuses, offering two exciting options for our students. They could either explore the vibrant Southbank or embark on a captivating walking tour. The majority of students opted for the walking tour, and they were not disappointed. They enjoyed packed lunches as they walked through the city, taking in the sights and sounds of London. They discovered hidden gems and learned fascinating historical facts from their knowledgeable guides. Later, they indulged in some shopping at Leicester Square, where the allure of fashionable clothing proved irresistible. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to express their personal style and bring home some trendy additions to their wardrobes.

To top the day off, Rochester, Earlscliffe, and Oxford visited the iconic London Eye and were taken aback by its breathtaking views. As they marvelled at the cityscape below, they couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder and appreciation for this incredible city. In the evening, everyone gathered at a cosy pizza restaurant to savour delicious slices and share stories of the day’s adventures. The night ended on a sweet note with popcorn and sweets, providing the perfect end to an incredible day.

Rochester wowed by Canterbury  

If London wasn’t enough for Rochester, on Sunday they marked a memorable day trip to Canterbury, where the students were so impressed with what they saw. They instantly fell in love with the charming city and wished they could stay longer. The historic streets and picturesque architecture captivated their imaginations, as they immersed themselves in the rich cultural heritage of this unique city. The art enthusiasts among them were particularly captivated by the awe-inspiring Canterbury Cathedral, which left a lasting impression on their creative minds. We can’t wait to see how the grandeur of the architecture and the intricate details of the stained-glass windows will inspire their artwork in class.

Staff Safari at Canford 

Down on the south coast, Wednesday brought a wild twist with our ‘Staff Safari’. Our SBC staff transformed into a variety of wild animals and hid around the campus, turning the school into a thrilling safari park. The students embarked on a quest to find all the animals, completing fun activities along the way.  The students had a blast searching for all the hidden animals and doing fun activities along the way. You could feel the excitement in the air as they raced around, working together to find all the staff members. The team that found them the fastest received cheers and applause, and it was a great example of their teamwork and determination!

Eton impressive in class 

Meanwhile, in the classrooms at Eton, students were settling into their new academic routines with growing confidence. The History class, in particular, were delving into intriguing questions. On Thursday, they used historical evidence to debate “Who was responsible for the sinking of The Titanic?” On Friday, they were exploring the fascinating topic of “What did ordinary people do for fun in medieval times?” The lively discussions and diverse perspectives were a testament to the intellectual curiosity and global insights of our students.

At Earlscliffe and Eton, students were filled with anticipation and excitement as students geared up for the Egg Drop Challenge! This activity, a classic test of ingenuity and teamwork, had students brainstorm, design, and construct their own protective devices to keep an egg intact from a high drop. The air was thick with a competitive spirit and creative energy as each team presented their unique solutions. The results were a mix of triumph and good-natured laughter as some eggs survived the fall, while others didn’t fare as well.

Students settling in at Twyford 

Last but by no means least, we’re delighted to report that our students had a fantastic first day at Twyford School. After arriving and settling into their dorms, the children wasted no time in familiarising themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of our summer school. As they unpacked their bags and covered their rooms with colourful decorations, you could already feel the excitement in the air.

In the evening, we organized a special session of relaxing and welcoming games to help our young students unwind from their journey and get to know each other. It was heartwarming to witness the genuine joy and laughter that echoed through the corridors as new friendships were made. Our dedicated team of activity leaders guided the children through a range of activities and gave them the freedom to choose between playing football, taking part in arts and crafts, or choosing an early night to recharge their batteries for the days ahead.

Keep your eyes peeled

With so much happening at each of our campuses, it’s a wonderful challenge to put into words just how much exploration and enjoyment that is filling each of our incredible schools. With over a month to go…we cannot wait to share even more with you, so you too can get a feel for yourselves the amazing buzz of summer school.