What an exciting start to the summer we have had so far!

As we look ahead to the rest of the summer, we can’t wait to share the ins and outs of what students and staff get up to during their time at each of our campuses.

Every week we will be keeping you up to date with the highlights, events and achievements from Oxford College, Cambridge, Rochester Independent, Eton College, Headington, Earlscliffe and Canford.

What can you expect when arriving at Summer School?

From the moment you arrive in the UK, we have a friendly team of staff on hand ready to welcome you to SBC. As part of our airport transportation service, our team will organise safe transportation to your chosen campus, where you’ll then be greeted by the staff you’ll be spending an unforgettable summer alongside.

From here you’ll be shown around campus, discover all of the wonderful facilities on offer and of course, have a chance to settle into your accommodation. So who makes up the team?

SBC Staff

College mentors

Our experienced team of college mentors are always on hand to support and comfort students where needed. Mentors offer inspiration and guidance to students and ensure that their evening and well-being events are entertaining and educational. Their role is especially important during the first few days at Summer School as by having a trusted counsellor on site students can feel at ease and help with their transition. It is also a key time for mentors to learn about specific interests of individuals and to tailor future programmes around them to enhance their experience.

SBC Tutors

The first few days of Summer Camp is an opportunity for students to connect with their tutors and begin to uncover the knowledge that they hold. Each tutor at SBC is passionate about their field and aims to inspire each student to excel in the subject and face academic challenges with enthusiasm.

Well-being & Welfare Team

Staff at SBC are passionate about well-being; they dedicate time and energy into ensuring that each student is comfortable and settled in their environment. Mentors arrange regular well-being sessions that allow students to unwind and reflect. Well-being sessions include activities such as yoga, wellness walks and crafts. Each site has a designated Welfare Officer that offers constant help, advice and guidance.

Prepare for a Fun and Busy Schedule

You will certainly not be bored at SBC! Our timetables are jam packed with challenging academic studies, interactive seminars, creative social programmes and day trips. We like to make sure that each student gets the opportunity to stretch their mind, explore their leadership skills and demonstrate their entrepreneurial abilities the best that they can. Do not worry though, we believe in balance and our staff make sure that each student has ‘free time’ to bond with their new friends and practice personal passions.

Student experience really is at the heart of everything we do, not just academically but socially too. Programmes are demanding, but they are jam-packed with exciting opportunities for students to further their knowledge, gain practical experience, interact with like-minded students from around the world, get a taste of life in the UK, and more specifically at Oxford, all the while having constant access to pastoral support and a tailor-made social programme of events for each day’

Welfare Officer, Stephanie Long

Week 1 – Oxford College

This week we welcomed over 23 different nationalities as they joined us for Oxford College Summer School. SBC Oxford College Summer School invites bright minded individuals to gather in the incredible city of Oxford for a summer programme of academic studies, social and well-being activities along with professional and cultural excursions.

We give students the opportunity to delve into a subject area of their choice in a university setting and utilise the Oxford College facilities such as the extensive library, lecture halls and dining areas.

Summer with SBC offers students life changing experiences and opportunities for personal enrichment and allow them to nurture their individual passions whilst making new friends and discovering diverse cultures.

Highlights of this week

Settling In

To ensure that every student is comfortable and well acquainted with both peers and staff, we dedicated time to welcome activities, icebreakers and team building challenges. This gave them a chance to learn about one another’s skills, interests and cultures whilst having fun and settling into their new environment.

Oxford Tour

Oxford College

In order for students to get a full Oxford experience, they were given the opportunity to join an Oxford walking tour. This tour is led by Oxford Alumni and explores the stunning university colleges, historical landmarks and beautiful buildings that surround the cities. Mentors were on hand to answer any questions about Oxford and recommend places for students to visit with their peers.

Industry Experience

Oxford is brimming with successful businesses that can offer first-hand knowledge and advice to our curious students. We like to make the most of having these opportunities therefore we make sure that students get the chance to be hands-on by doing industry experience days that align with their ambitions. This week our business students were able to visit a sustainable integrated marketing agency whilst our politics students got to experience a live courtroom.

‘’The most fascinating experience in my SBC journey so far has been the industry experience. We got to go to a court room and see some real trials. It was really nice that we got to see a glimpse of what happens in a courtroom within the United Kingdom.’’

Max, Politics Student

Formal Dinner

On Wednesday students dressed in smart attire to attend a sophisticated evening at University College’s formal dining hall. Students were able to enjoy a dining experience that is similar to the traditional formal dinners at Oxford University, this allowed them to gain an insight into the etiquette of such dinners and the history associated with the tradition whilst spending quality time with their new friends.

Formal Dinner, Oxford College

Guest Lecture

Guest lecturers for each subject visited Oxford College this week to educate and inspire SBC students. The engineering lecturer was from Jenkins Technologies Ltd, he explained the concept of pressure sensors and how they could be utilised for AI technology. He then highlighted the advantages for investors, the industries that they could market their product to and could benefit from using their technology. Students asked interesting and thoughtful questions, which they continued to discuss with their tutors in the seminar.

Time to Shine

Time to Shine - SBC

We recognise that students work so hard and we believe that giving them time to be recognised for their dedication and creativity is important. Each week students are given the opportunity to proudly showcase the projects that they have been focusing on. Tutors assign a diverse range of projects for students to independently compete that reflected aspects of their curriculum.. Students were given freedom to interpret the project how they feel necessary, and their final presentations were exceptional. Time to Shine is a rewarding experience for both students and tutors where they can learn from one another and gain knowledge from different subject areas.

SBC staff have been working exceptionally hard to prepare other camps for the arrival of new summer school students. This week we will be welcoming students to our campuses at Headington, Cambridge, Eton College & Canford for an unforgettable summer with SBC, we’re all very excited to meet the arrivals and be part of their summer experience!