With most of our summer camps sadly coming to an end this week, sites have been reflecting on the amazing summer that they have had. The summer has been filled with precious memories, milestone moments and endless learning experiences.  

However, it is not the end quite yet! We still a busy week ahead at Headington and Rochester, where they will be pulling out all the stops to make it an incredible final week of SBC! 


It is not goodbye, it is just ‘see you later’…

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SBC are always encouraging students to keep in touch long after the summer is over. They spend their time here having new experiences together, growing, bonding and laughing through all of the challenges and triumphs that they face.  

Many students have made friendships that will genuinely last a lifetime and it is so wonderful to see students constantly engaging about one another’s home countries and getting excited to hopefully meet there one day. 

Some students reunite at SBC every year and their friendships are just how they left them and we will be delighted to see them all here again next year! 


Pushing Potentials

SBC staff recognise that each student who joins the SBC family is unique and thrives in different areas.  

Mentors dedicate time to finding out individual passions and recognising areas of potential. By taking part in diverse activities and allowing student to explore their strengths, it gives them a chance at finding out where their where their interests lie. The dedicated team are then able to nurture those passions and ensure that by the end of their time at SBC, they have progressed and developed that part of them. It is such a joy for staff to see the positive impact they have made on individuals and seeing them leave SBC having achieved personal goals and confidently reached their potential.  


Highlights of this week…


More adventures for our English Plus students…


Headington English Plus students are given priceless opportunities that allow them to develop their skill set, pursue their passions and thrive in specialist areas.  

This week, Adventure Sports students got up, out and active in some thrill-seeking activities! They headed to the stunning South Cerney Adventure Centre for a day of windsurfing the lake. The sun was shining for their activity and they all managed to successfully sail across the water. Taking part in this adventure sport helps improve students’ coordination, grows their confidence and creates a stronger bond with those in their group.  


Canford goes bonkers at Bingo Bongo!

SBC staff are constantly creating new and exciting evening events with the aim of bringing out students’ silliest sides and allowing them to let themselves go!  

Canford Junior and Senior students came together this week to take part in a game of SBC Bingo Bongo!! This is not your regular bingo; it was full of twists and turns that kept students guessing what would come next. The basic rules of the game required students to take part in wild and wacky challenge when their number was called, we saw arm wrestling, ball balancing, dice rolling and some impressive dancing…The game had students in fits of laughter and really was a night to remember! 


Conflict resolution

Tutors at SBC ensure that lessons are kept diverse and interesting by combining practical sessions, workshops and role playing. Taking part in practical role plays can help develop communication skills, offers a deeper connection to the subject and give students a sense of real-life scenarios.  

International Relations and Politics students combined their classes this week to take part in a conflict resolution role play. During this, students were assigned different roles as Representatives of countries, international organisations or freedom fighters. They were tasked to resolve a crisis given by the tutor and use their debate skills, subject knowledge and negotiation to come to a conclusion. They were able to peacefully resolve the conflict and came to a final closing statement where the treaty was signed by all parties. It was a fantastic learning experience that highlighted the development of the students during their time with SBC.  


Oxford College got to battle…

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It is always great to discover new and exciting experiences that students and staff can take part in that allow them to discover new skills that may develop into interesting hobbies.  

Oxford College students left site this week and headed to the countryside for some battle archery! For many, this was their first experience with a bow and arrow so they had professional instructors to guide them and teach them how to use them safely.  

The activity took place in a huge field filled with hay bales, targets and other assets that created the perfect battle ground! The sun was setting as the battle began, which added to the enchanting atmosphere. The bright moonlight appeared to bring out students’ inner wild sides as they danced and howled across the field. Staff and students took part in mini combat challenges before going into their final thrilling battle which had spectators on the edge of their hay bales! 


Time to Shine


Across each campus, students are given the opportunity to showcase their knowledge, language skills and teamwork abilities in their weekly ‘Time to Shine’ event!  

During the week, tutors dedicate time to working on students debate skills and teaching them the essentials of public speaking. Students then independently conduct research for their projects, which allows them to discover new theories and add their own creative flair to the presentation. 

To put their skill into practice, students confidently take to stage and present their ideas to the whole school, who support and cheer one another on throughout the event. 

So far this year there has been some phenomenal business ideas along which have been communicated in meticulous presentations. It is clear to see that SBC students have a very bright future ahead of them! 


Weekly Well-being

As part of our well-being, we think it is so important to ensure students feel good from the inside out!  

During one well-being evening this week, SBC Headington staff spent time focussing on educating students about the importance of a balanced diet. Students were then able to use their knowledge to create healthy and delicious smoothies using fresh and nutritious ingredients.  

Other students were taking part in mindful activities that required focus and brain power. To keep them going they able to munch on tasty, wholesome snacks such as carrots, hummus, cucumbers and strawberries (with a side of chocolate, of course!).