Week five at SBC had everything. Enlightening lectures, unforgettable activities, mesmerizing excursions, and even an enchanting formal college dinner fit for Harry Potter himself.  

With so many special memories over the last week to share, here are some of our favourites from week five.

Oxford College

Up in Oxford, the week took a magical turn on Wednesday evening with a formal dinner at Wadham College! Dressed in their finest attire, our students dined in the historic and stunning dining room at Wadham College. They started the evening with welcome drinks in the garden, then headed to the dining hall to enjoy a three-course meal with friends. The evening concluded with time together in the stunning college garden, where they made new friends and enjoyed the beautiful sunset.

Cambridge College

Meanwhile at Cambridge College, Wednesday kicked off with an exciting Industry Experience Day, where our students had the opportunity to engage with professionals in their respective fields. The Business classes united for a captivating group session, with a guest lecturer who effortlessly blended entertainment with valuable insights. Our students were captivated, and the class was abuzz with lively discussions and thought-provoking questions.

In the world of Psychology, both classes had the privilege of hosting Kate from Compassionate Cambridge, whose guest lecture left a lasting impact on our young learners. The discussions on empathy and its diverse manifestations in different individuals sparked a genuine curiosity and eagerness to explore the depths of the human mind.

Engineering and Architecture students at Cambridge College teamed up for an interactive guest lecture, where they put their creative minds to the test. Using LEGO and paper, they collaborated to build sustainable structures, discovering the beauty of teamwork and the richness of diverse perspectives. Great stuff Cambridge!


At Headington, their week kicked off on Monday with a trip to the historic city of Bath. Despite the very British weather, our students were eager to explore the city. The first stop was the stunning Bath Abbey. Our students split into groups, with one group admiring the architecture of the building while the other group took on the steep climb up the tower. With a total of 212 stairs, it was a gruelling but rewarding climb. Halfway up, our students took a break in the bell room, where they learned about bell ringing and the new automated bell ringer. After leaving the abbey and finding shelter for lunch, our students had some free time to explore the shops before heading back to the bus. Just as we were leaving, the sun came out, ending our trip on a high note.


Earlier this week it was especially exciting for Rochester’s young artists, who embarked on a journey to the iconic Tate Modern in London. Guided by their teachers, they set out to explore the rich collection of artworks housed in this world-renowned museum. Before the trip, the teachers had introduced some of the artworks in class, so the students were well-prepared to seek out specific paintings that truly spoke to them.

As they strolled through the four floors of the Tate Modern, capturing pictures of art descriptions along the way, they discovered the magic of art arranged thematically rather than chronologically. This innovative approach opened their minds to new perspectives and deepened their understanding of artistic expression.

Among the many captivating exhibits, the students found particular delight in the fourth floor, where the works of Andy Warhol and Ming Wong were on display. The colours, the techniques, and the stories behind these masterpieces resonated deeply with our young artists, leaving them inspired and eager to incorporate new ideas into their own portfolios. We can’t wait to hear more about their latest artwork!

Eton College

Yesterday, Eton embarked on a fascinating walking tour to Windsor Castle (the oldest occupied castle in the world!). As they navigated its historic corridors, their faces lit up with wonder and curiosity. They walked in the footsteps of past monarchs, soaking in the rich history of the castle. It was a lovely day out that taught students about the British Royal family.

In the evening, they participated in house nights focused on well-being activities. The girls indulged in a relaxing evening of face masks and crafts, while the boys enjoyed a variety of games and sweet treats. The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the takeaway pizza, a treat that was enjoyed by all. It was heartwarming to see them unwind, share laughter, and create memories that they’ll cherish forever.


Across at Canford, Wednesday’s pool party was a standout event, with our students turning the pool into a vibrant hub of activity. The evening was filled with laughter, splashing, and friendly competition as students dove, swam, and played games. The Activity Leaders weren’t spared from the fun either, as they found themselves on the receiving end of some playful splashing. The pool party was a testament to the strong bonds of friendship that have been formed at Canford in such a short time. It was heartening to see them come together, their shared experiences creating a sense of community and belonging.

Always saving the most fun until last, this week Twyford have been arriving with beaming smiles for their classes and activities all week; eager to dive into a day filled with fun and friendship. Throughout the past few days, our young adventurers have been immersing themselves in a variety of activities that truly brought out their passions and talents.

Sports lovers found their groove in cricket, zorbing, basketball, ultimate frisbee, and football; whilst for those with an artistic flair, we had mindfulness colouring sessions and arts and crafts, letting their creativity run wild. Watching the kids throw themselves into these activities with so much energy and spirit was nothing short of amazing.

With Eton and Rochester this week bringing down the curtain on their spectacular summers, we would like to thank all the wonderful students who have made those two stunning campuses such wonderful places to be. Students have brought warmth, great humour and fantastic energy in and outside of class, and all the staff involved have put their hearts and souls into making this summer a truly special one.

For the coming few weeks that leaves us with our remaining amazing schools, and it’s with enormous pleasure that we share all the students’ fantastic achievements and summer adventures with you.