Life Experiences Like No Other


Whether it is the scholarly and professional experiences like lectures, industry experiences and excursions or the personal relationships that grow through the summer, SBC truly offers students the experience of a lifetime!

This year, and every other year, it is wonderful to see the excitement from students as they make new friends and delve into new experiences together. This can be at the top of The Chard, punting through Cambridge or simply shopping together in their free time, it is all new and exciting to them, and we encourage students to cherish every moment of the summer as they will reflect on their time with SBC and see it as a summer that set them for life!

When students return home, they will see the world in a different light. Their experiences, relationships and worldly view will shape and prepare them to take on challenges that come their way!

A Toolkit for Future Success

Joining SBC for the summer opens minds and doors for every student. Being surrounded by like-minded friends and supportive mentors helps students recognise who they want to become and helps shape their future. Their accessibility to the knowledge of experienced staff, leading professionals and different cultures equips them to develop their leadership, communication and problem-solving skills that will benefit them substantially in their future endeavours.

Whilst making life-long friendships and exploring new cultures at summer school, students are part of a constant stream of networking. They are building international relationships and making connections that can lead them to countless opportunities in the future. SBC encourage each students to keep in touch with one another after the summer and continue their links across the world.

For our college students, it is also an opportunity for them to look at university applications, build on skills that will help them progress with admissions and they get an inkling of what it takes to be part of Oxbridge!

This summer, we have seen students thriving in all aspects, from building their confidence, enhancing their presentation skills and exploring their independence – they have become more formed and ready for their exciting future ahead!

Prestigious Learning Environments

When students and parents arrive on campus, many of them are in awe of the stunning grounds and buildings that SBC summer school takes place in. Students are fortunate enough to spend their time living amongst amazing architecture, beautiful libraries and endless fields for activities.

This year, some of the Oxford College students spent their summer studying, socialising and growing in Oxfords oldest college: University College (UNIV). The stunning college was founded in 1249 and has seen many of the greats walk through the halls. UNIV is in the centre of Oxford, which allows students to make the most of the Oxford experience during the summer.

At Eton, the famous college is theirs to explore and live in for the summer! As they make the most of the opportunities at the school, they spend some time learning about the prestigious history and current workings of the school. Student have been embracing the facilities of the progressive school by spending time in the libraries, science blocks and impressive assembly rooms.

Inflatables Everywhere!


SBC are known for going all out without evening activities and this week it was inflatables galore! There has been inflatable knock out challenges, giant ping pong tables, slides and inflatable obstacle courses for students, which they had hours of laughter and fun on.

Canford and Rochester took part in some sumo wrestling! They had inflatable sumo suits and bounced off each other in fits of laughter!

Headington on the other hand, were bouncing off the ground as they were inside Zorbs! They set up the inflatable orbs across the field and took part in challenges, races and matches against one another.

Developing Business Skills

Business skills are at the core of many academic and professional routes and SBC Business programmes focus on harnessing these skills to ensure students can utilise them in the future.

Our courses so far have been focussing on developing skills in areas such as finance, marketing and branding. Tutors give hand-on exercises for students to engage in each session to help them understand theories and concepts.

Oxford College business students joined the engineers for one of their lectures this week. The lecture was given by a professor from Oxford University. The lecture was about the potential and application of force sensing and it surrounded a real-life business proposal for the product. He highlighted the research, funding and knowledge needed for a corporate venture and answered the interesting questions from student. It was a fascinating insight from both industries and students took away invaluable, real-life knowledge.

Campuses Get Creative!


Each student at SBC is unique and creative in their own way. Alongside encouraging expression in their academic programmes, SBC provide the resources and guidance that help bring out their creativity during evening events and activities.

This week, several campuses have created their own totes bags. Students loved this activity because not only did they get a unique fashion item at the end, but they also learnt about the benefits of reusable bags and felt proud that they had contributed towards a greener planet.

Canford students took their creative skills to the Wacky Races! They cut, coloured and sellotaped their own cardboard cars and then took their creations for a spin on Canford Racecourse. Most of their motors made it to the finish line but they all looked great in the process.

Headington Discover Banksy and All Things Bristol

At SBC, students get to experience excursions that emphasise academics, arts, culture, history and politics. We like to give students the opportunity to see traditional tourist attractions but also give them a unique experience by exploring the smaller, characterful cities – like Bristol!

Bristol is a vibrant city full of world-class street art, history and heritage. Headington students immersed themselves in Bristol’s creative culture by going on a Banksy walking tour. They took plenty of photos of Banksy most famous and iconic artwork. During the tour, students discussed their thoughts on his work and what their take on the art was, it was great to hear the interesting opinions on some of the controversial pieces.

Students then had some time in the ‘We the Curious’ Museum (a fitting name for our inquisitive students), where they spent time taking part in the hand-on educational activities, learning more about new discoveries from science and discovering how art and science can be combined.

Weekly Well being

Every SBC summer programme incorporates physical activity into the timetable. Well-being evenings allow students to explore new, more mindful ways of getting their daily dose of exercise.

Each campus offers the opportunity to enjoy swimming during their well-being evening. Students have the pool to themselves and can spend the time how they desire. Some splash, race and play whilst other mindfully swam in their lane and enjoyed the relaxing side of swimming.

In Cambridge this week, students took part in a ‘Fab, Fit and Fun’ PT session with one of their mentors. He created a plan that suited all abilities and pushed them just enough for them to feel the full benefits of the workout. Keeping the workout amusing made it easier for students to get involved and focus on the fun side of exercise, rather than the challenge. The instructor completed the workout by teaching students’ essential stretches that help with recovery and encouraged them to do them daily!