7 signs that your child is ready for summer school

As a market leader in summer school education, we wouldn’t have your child’s best interests at heart if we were to claim that summer school is the best choice for everyone. There are many factors to consider when deciding if summer school is the right option for your child, and as a parent, you know what’s best.

But what are some of the most compelling signs that now’s the time to get their bags packed for summer? And that now is the right time for your child to become more independent and to embrace a new exciting experience beyond home and school?

Here are some compelling signs:

1. They’re getting bored and restless at school

Is your child not being challenged enough by their regular classes? Or is finding it difficult adjusting to the demands of school? If so, then a summer school can offer a welcome break from the norm and provide an exciting alternative. If your child is feeling isolated as one of the brightest in their class, or needs their love of learning reigniting, then a summer school could help rediscover their spark. Sharing smaller classes of twelve students with like-minded peers equally invested in their education, changing their environment and pedagogical approach, the summer school classroom experience can have a profound positive effect on the academic performance of your child. At SBC we recruit qualified and experienced teachers who deliver high-quality student-centred lessons focussed in particular, on increased student autonomy and stretching the level of challenge.

2. They want to make new friends

Many young people may well have had several of the same friends since early in their childhood, or alternatively may have had the challenge of starting afresh with new friends at a new school. Either way, the likelihood of your child branching out and making new friends at a summer school is an absolute certainty. At SBC not only are our programs jam-packed with exciting excursions with a whole host of stimulating activities, our compassionate staff of mentors and tutors love nothing more than helping new friendships to thrive. At SBC we are highly experienced in the delicate art of boosting a young person’s confidence and working alongside young people with more introverted personalities. By creating an atmosphere where a student’s interpersonal skills and teamwork ethos can be developed, we are also able to bring students out of their shell whilst helping to develop the interpersonal communication skills that students will need in their future careers.


3.Their English could use some practice

If your child’s English language usage is not as frequent as you’d like then a summer school can provide notable scope for real meaningful progress. In many classrooms around the world the focus is still more focussed on theory over practice, and at SBC our classes are designed to allow for maximum English usage. Not one language besides English can dominate an SBC summer camp, because we purposefully limit our student intake from each country, meaning that our students often find themselves as one nationality of a dozen at any one time. Meaning that English has to function as a lingua franca.

4. Your son or daughter is preparing for life as a university student

If your son or daughter is already considering their future university choices then SBC can provide the perfect dress rehearsal. Hosted at many of the most reputable and prestigious seats of learning across The British Isles, at SBC students not only walk in the footsteps of other graduates but also have academic programs tailored to developing the very skills they need to get there. As well as in presence learning, we are also able to offer the provision of online and blended learning. All in all, the entire SBC experience is designed to help students feel like they are not only on their way to becoming university students but are in actual fact, already there.

5. Your child wants to expand their horizons

If your child has an insatiable appetite to hunt down knowledge and is continually inquisitive about the world, then why not facilitate that further by allowing them to be part of a global learning community in some of the most celebrated academic institutions anywhere in the world? At SBC our mentors and tutors are made up of inspiring individuals carefully selected not just on their academic successes, but on account of being professionals with a real flair for self-improvement and stimulating the intellectual growth of young learners. If you consider this and factor in a highly cultural program brimming with everything from Shakespeare, Dickens, The Royal Family and Banksy, then we can promise you that we can only broaden your child’s intellectual awareness and appreciation of British culture and the wider world.

One of our student’s parents Xaviar says:

“One of the best Summers. The quality of the programme and the activities were perfect. In addition, the international diversity allowed our son to broaden his perspectives and make friends from all over the world.”


6. Your child needs support transitioning to the next step in their educational journey

Everyone can remember that ginormous transition from primary school to secondary school, when the rucksacks bulged heavier with those extra books, to the playing fields appearing ten times the size. To handle that adjustment students are required to become much more independent and for many young learners that transition can be overwhelming; but what if your child had already caught a plane to the other side of the world? Stepped into a brand new environment? Studied with new teachers? Had made new friends and had already managed to find their way around even bigger facilities? How much of a challenge would it be to start at a new secondary school? And how much would that benefit them in the long term when leaving school finally turns to starting university? Answer: So much easier. Learning at SBC is a wonderful way to begin building your child’s character to allow them to handle the challenge of dealing with change.


7. They deserve a treat

Whether you are 8 or 18, an inquisitive hardworking mind is one that deserves a reward. Especially, given that our young people today have experienced some of the most turbulent disruptions to their education in recent memory. At SBC our summer camps are not a chore, our students are not glaring at projector screens whilst their friends are surfing or shopping. At SBC we provide experiences that last a lifetime. From the glitz and the glamour of a West End theatre with new friends from around the world, to celebrating all of their academic triumphs in the grand surroundings of a country estate. At SBC we go above and beyond. We take young people out of their comfort zones and help oversee a real internal development by taking them on a remarkable journey that they can cherish for the rest of their lives.

Ultimately, whatever you choose in deciding what is best for your child this summer, if any of the above are applicable, then SBC is a force for good and we’re ready to welcome you on your journey.

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