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In the Spotlight: Activity Leader

What is your role at summer boarding courses?
For the last two summers I’ve worked as an Activity Leader at SBC, the role is to create, plan and run various afternoon and evening activities for the students during the summer. The afternoon activities can include football, yoga, arts and crafts and so much more. Evening activities are whole school events led by Activity Leaders, this is the time where you can be creative and plan fun events for all the students. This could include; capture the flag, the bin bag fashion show, bowling and other imaginative activities.

Additionally, I teach English Plus Art and Design. English Plus runs during afternoon activities, parents can sign their children up to English Plus lessons as it may be something the student really enjoys and wants to focus on. With Art and Design, I teach a group of students a curriculum of Art & Design for two weeks. I always really love these sessions as it’s a great way to get to know students better and this way the students can work on a project over a two-week period and have something special to take home.

What’s the average day like at summer school?
A regular day at summer school starts at about 7:15am with the house waking up. The House Parent and a staff member on house duty will wake all the students up and take them over to breakfast at around 8:15am, from there the students go to lessons with their teachers. Lessons finish at 12:30 pm and the students go straight to lunch. After lunch there is house time, this lets the students change into sports wear or just have some time to call home and relax before afternoon activities at around 2:30 pm. In between 2:30pm and 5:30pm the students have two sessions of afternoon activities run by Activity Leaders which the students have chosen with a small break in-between. After these sessions the students go back to houses until dinner at 6:30 pm, after dinner it’s time for the evening activity with the whole school until 9:30pm when the students go back to houses for the rest of the evening to get plenty of rest for the next fun packed day!

It’s a full-on day but we like to fit in as much as possible to keep everyone active and having a great time with their friends and before you know it two weeks have gone by and you’re welcoming new students into the school!

What have you enjoyed the most about working with Summer Boarding Courses?
Both summers working with SBC have been a blast, the best thing about the summer is the staff. It’s a great opportunity to meet new and interesting people and make great friends. All the staff are so friendly and outgoing, and you get to know each other very well by the end of summer. I also really love the feeling of accomplishment you get when the summer has finished and its been successful after everyone’s hard work.

What have you gained from working with Summer Boarding Courses?
I have made great friendships with the people I have worked with. Also, I’m much more confident about my own capability. When you have lasted 5 weeks entertaining and looking after up to 200 children you have a much better understanding of what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.

What advice would you give a staff member going into their first summer with Summer Boarding courses?
I would say to take every opportunity presented to you, get out of your comfort zone by planning a new activity, taking part in the talent show or doing something that scares you. A summer with SBC is a great opportunity to challenge yourself.

What’s your favourite summer school memory?
Staff Safari is always my favourite, it’s all the best things about summer school – face paint, crazy outfits and hide and seek! In my first summer we all dressed up as animals and hid all over the school grounds. We had a flamingo, a crocodile, a zebra and lots of other safari animals (I was a panda) it was so much fun watching all the students run about the place looking for everyone.