Politics and Economics at Oxford College

Ideal for ambitious students wishing to develop their understanding of the political and economic foundations of the contemporary world in preparation for future studies. On this course you will broaden your knowledge of key concepts and evaluate the ideologies and values at the heart of different political systems, gaining an understanding of international geopolitical trends.

Through the development of your own political campaigns in our active collaborative project, you will apply your newfound knowledge and develop key presentation skills and interpersonal skills. Our unique Industry Experience programme will give you authentic insight into life and studies in politics and economics while being able to rub shoulders with professionals in the field. Topics studied on the course include economic growth, public spending, taxation, economic systems, parliament, and political parties.

Elite Course Features

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    Learn from top academics

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    Work alongside industry professionals

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    Prepare for your future

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Learn from top academics

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Work alongside industry professionals

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Prepare for your future

Learn from top academics

  • Expert guest speakers
  • Collaborative week-long projects

Throughout your course you will be tutored and coached by experts in the field of politics and economics in a variety of session types, ensuring you maximise your learning. Subject lectures delivered by guest speakers, give you a taste of undergraduate-level study and maximise the input you can receive from our university-calibre lecturers.

Daily seminars will target specific areas of politics and economics through a range of interactive group activities, drawing on discussions, debates, case studies, and audio-visual content. The seminars push you to take an active role in your learning and put theory into practice

Industry workshops at Oxford College
Children Work Alongside Leading Professionals at Oxford College

Work alongside industry professionals

  • Exclusive visits to real workplaces 
  • Direct connection with industry professionals  
  • First-hand insight into academic and professional life in Politics and Economics  

The course includes unique Industry Experience visits in which you will go into the field and work alongside professionals to gain insight into the sphere of politics and economics and to benefit from their expertise. Previous experiences have included a visit to the Houses of Parliament to gain an inside look into the inner workings of UK politics and to learn the systems and processes of government. 

Prepare for your future

  • Hone core 21st Century skills
  • Forge an influential voice in Politics and Economics
  • Receive expert coaching on your university applications

With our expert coaches you will hone the core skills required to play a leading role in the 21st Century, strengthening your thinking, interpersonal and collaborative skills to empower you with an influential voice in your studies and future career. You will also have the opportunity to craft your university applications with our industry-leading advisors who will help you develop an effective personal statement and expertise for your entrance interview.

Inspirational Teacher at Oxford College

Sample Timetable Landmarks

Below you’ll find an example overview of a typical 2-weeks on the Politics and Economics course at Oxford College.
Please note that this is for illustrative purposes only and is subject to change.

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