Mathematics at Oxford College

Our Mathematics course is designed for students wishing to experience what it is like to study Mathematics at undergraduate level.

We will inspire and challenge the mathematicians of the future through exploring the world of pure and applied mathematics, as well as more advanced subjects including Graph Theory, Algorithms, and Fibonacci sequences.

The programme has a practical foundation with project work and communicative tasks, making the course challenging yet lively and interactive.

At a Glance

  • Price: £5,995
  • For Ages: 15-17
  • Course Length: 2 Weeks
  • English Level: B1+ (Intermediate and above)
  • Maximum Class Size: 15
  • Academic Content: 25 Hours Per Week
  • Starting Dates: 2nd July, 16th July, 30th July 2023
  • Location: Oxford University
four students sat at a desk working together on some maths work

What you’ll learn

  • Learn pure mathematics, which is a discipline that teaches students how to break down calculations and numbers into their most basic components.
  • Improve your knowledge of applied mathematics, which is the application of mathematics to solve real-world problems in fields like science, medicine, and engineering.
  • Students will develop their understanding of core advanced subjects such as Group theory, Fractals, Kinematics and Conditional Probability.
  • Each week students collaborate on projects involving research and presentations.
  • Among the other groundbreaking topics covered are: Graph theory, algorithms, and tessellations.


Industry Experience

The objective of Industry Experience is for students to feel more knowledgeable about what it is truly like to work and study in their future professional field. 

They are composed of interactive workshops, lectures, and active research projects guided by working mathematicians, often in a real-world environment.

Our Industry Experience offers our students the unique opportunity to visit a live workplace and witness the professional application of mathematics. The experience will broaden your horizons, give you a taste of your potential future career and enable you to discuss life in mathematics directly with leading professionals.

Course Outcomes

  • Develop your language abilities so that you can work with both pure and applied Mathematics.
  • Grasp advanced theoretical concepts and their practical application.
  • By the end you will have a basic foundation of Higher Mathematics by studying in a student-centred setting and learning 21st century skills with classmates from all around the world.
  • After the program you will have the skillset to apply your communication and presenting abilities in your future studies as you gain more confidence in these areas.

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Nikolaos had an inspirational program helping him decide for his future studies with personal advice from his teachers! He came back full of confidence to choose his future studies in The UK!

Niki, Parent, Greece

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