Summer Boarding Courses’ Mathematics programme is designed for young people with a love of Maths! Students enrolled in our Mathematics programme will have the opportunity to sample an introduction to advanced mathematical theories, such as graph theory, algorithms, symmetry, fractals, calculus, and probability. Using a fun and interactive teaching concept, students will discover mathematics in the real world, such as in how maths can be found in sport, art, nature, space exploration, codebreaking and friendship. As all lessons are conducted in English in a multinational environment, students will also be able to develop their English language skills.

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The course enabled me to use Maths in a really practical way and apply it to everyday problems. The teacher was great and I really enjoyed the classes.

Ming, Student, Thailand



Summer Boarding Courses’ Mathematics programmes are designed to teach the English language through studying Mathematics. In these courses, English language and Mathematics tuition are integrated together, so that knowledge of both subjects is improved at the same time.

Our Mathematics programmes have the following four objectives:

  • Content: Improving the knowledge of Mathematics.
  • Communication: Studying through a communicative and collaborative approach to learning, with the aim of improving English language proficiency
  • Cognition: All courses at SBC focus on developing 21st Century Skills, such as critical thinking skills, collaborative skills and presentation skills.
    Culture: All courses include the cross-cultural benefits of studying in a multi-national environment
student and teacher working in a workbook


As part of our Time to Shine programme, Summer Boarding Courses Mathematics students will collaborate together in a series of mathematical research and presentation problems, and present their findings to the school in the Time to Shine Ceremony. Example research projects include: presenting an explanation of the The Birthday Paradox; researching and presenting the Seven Bridges of Königsberg dilemma; making a documentary film about The Golden Ratio, among many others.

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