Introduction to Leadership

Everyone has the ability to inspire, and during our Introduction to Leadership course, we explore the foundations and qualities that will make each of our students effective leaders.

During this exciting two week programme, we examine well-known historical leadership figures and the characteristics that made them successful.

Students will study the fundamentals of what is necessary to create their own personal leadership style by examining the habits and behaviours of modern business and political leaders.

At A Glance

  • Price: £3,900
  • Ages: 11-15
  • English level: B1+ (Intermediate and Above)
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Starting Dates: 8th July & 22nd July 2024
  • Academic Content: 15 hours of Lessons per Week
  • Maximum Class Size: 15
  • Location: Canford School

What You’ll Learn

Introduction to Leadership challenges include: mock elections, a fundraising project for a local charity, and communication workshops.

Examine great speakers throughout history and explore how powerful oratory and logical argumentation are combined together to create convincing public speeches.

Each week, students will work together as a team to take part in research and presentation projects called Time to Shine. They will have the chance to present their own research based on a selected topic, and participate in exciting and challenging class competitions and debates.

Why Choose Introduction to Leadership at Canford

Boost your self-confidence, self-awareness and self-reflective skills needed for leadership in the 21st century.

Deepen your appreciation of what it takes to be a leader, gain confidence in English, in your communication and presentation skills whilst becoming more motivated to apply these skills to your future studies.
Enhance your knowledge of the world’s most influential leaders. Be inspired by a research project in which you find and present a leader that you admire.

Learn how to lead a team to a successful outcome by taking part in a variety of fun activities and challenges.

three headington oxford students sat at a desk in a headington oxford classroom

Course Outcomes

  • A fantastic opportunity to develop your leadership skills, by leading a team successfully through a challenge.
  • A detailed understanding of some of history’s most important leaders.
  • Improved presentation skills and overall teamwork in general.
  • A chance to learn the habit of developing a self-evaluation and reflection routine to help your leadership abilities grow.


By studying in a student-centred environment, and through a focus on developing 21st-century skills, our Canford students can return home with an enhanced understanding of what it takes to be a leader, better confidence in their English, communication and presentation skills and with greater motivation to apply these skills to their future learning.

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All three of our kids have attended Canford. All of them returned home so much better at English and with happy memories. It’s been a joy to send our kids to SBC – it’s seldom to experience such a professional school as the one SBC offers

Malene, Parent, Denmark

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