Foundation in

Political Science and Governance

This course is tailor-made for aspiring leaders in the world of politics and governance. In this course, students will delve deep into the intricate workings of political systems, international relations, and the art of governance. They will expand their knowledge of fundamental political concepts, explore the dynamics of international diplomacy, and analyze the role of government in society. Throughout the program, students will not only acquire critical political insights but also refine their leadership skills for effective governance.

Law Summer School

At a Glance

Prices: Coming Soon
Ages: 12-16
Course Length: 2 Weeks
English Level: B1+ (Intermediate and Above)
Start Dates: 8th July & 22nd July 2024
Academic Content: 15 Hours of Lessons per Week
Maximum Class Size: 15
Location: Eton College

Law Summer School

What you’ll learn

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of political science, governance, and international relations.
  • Explore the intricacies of political systems, global diplomacy, and the role of governments in society.
  • Engage in the captivating Diplomatic Diplomacy project, where you and your peers will negotiate international agreements.
  • Cultivate essential 21st-century skills, including critical analysis, effective communication, collaborative problem-solving, and leadership in the realm of politics and governance.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Deepen your understanding of key political concepts
  • Broaden your awareness of international relations and the art of governance
  • Build your confidence as a public speaker through practical workshops that will develop skills in negotiation as well as crafting and presenting diplomatic solutions
  • Strengthen your critical thinking, interpersonal and collaborative skills to help support your future studies and career
  • Expand your horizons with a weekly elective module designed to enhance your core subject

Time to Shine

At the end of each week the school comes together and classes take part in a group presentation we call Time to Shine. These projects are a highlight of the week’s work and provide students with an opportunity to showcase their learning and development during the summer programme. By taking part in Time to Shine students gain valuable experience in practising their collaboration and presentation skills in front of a larger audience.

Time to Shine

Diplomatic Diplomacy: Crafting International Agreements

How do diplomats negotiate crucial international agreements? In this engaging 10-hour project, Foundation in Political Science and Governance students will step into the shoes of diplomats. They will participate in a simulated international negotiation, tackling real-world global challenges and crafting diplomatic solutions. This immersive project allows students to apply their political acumen to the complexities of international relations.

Time to Shine
Academic Coaching

Course Electives

Expand your horizons at SBC Eton College this summer with our carefully curated elective modules. Designed to complement your core subject and “Time to Shine” projects, these elective courses offer a deeper dive into a unique area of interest. Elective modules set students up for success, offering key 21st-century skill focuses that are interdisciplinary and fundamental to higher education and future careers.

Elective courses will be chosen when you arrive at SBC Eton College. Each week, enrich your summer school experience by selecting an elective that aligns with your interests.

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The quality of teachers, staff, academic program, social environment combined with an opportunity to be independent, all at a college of great repute made these two weeks a fantastic experience for our teenage daughter! We would highly recommend it

Anjali, Parent, India

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