11 Plus Course

Brand new for 2023! For the very first time, we are working with JK Educate, part of the Dukes Education family to offer a unique and exciting seven-day residential course that prepares children who are about to enter Year 6 for their 11+ exams.

The academic content is led and delivered by senior JK Educate tutor, Denise Hines.

11+ Course at a glance

Price: £1,750 for the full residential week.

Age: 10 (children about to start year 6)

Duration: 7 days

Dates: 7th August – 14th August

Location: Canford School, Dorset

Twyford English Explorers
Denise Hines

Your 11 Plus Tutor

Denise Hines is an experienced 11+ personal tutor, who has created various 11 Plus mock exams and delivered group workshops to support students in preparing for the 11 Plus exams, giving them the best possible opportunity for success. She is a qualified teacher and a senior member of the JK Educate teaching team. Denise will teach, equip and inspire students to achieve the very best they can in their entrance exams.

Why Choose Our 11 Plus Course

Our 11 Plus course will boost your child’s readiness for the 11+ exams. Combining a first-class boarding school experience with classroom work and fun activities, it will provide a valuable experience of learning and independence for the 10-year-olds who attend. This is a particularly valuable taster experience for those considering a boarding environment in the future. Award-winning Canford School’s idyllic grounds and impressive indoor and outdoor facilities are ideal for running our exciting programme of activities.

We will cover every aspect of the entrance exams – maths, non-verbal reasoning, creative writing, comprehension (reading), verbal reasoning and critical thinking. There will be five days of teaching, in two sessions a day, plus activities including sports, drama, and art & design. On Friday, all students will join an action-packed excursion to Bournemouth and the beach with their fellow students.


Accommodation will be in typical single, twin, or small dormitory rooms with shared bathroom facilities. In addition to the academic and extracurricular offerings, students will also have the opportunity to join a global community on campus, creating a truly international boarding experience that will enhance their personal growth and cultural awareness.


1. Maths

  • Ratio and proportion
  • Algebra
  • Problem solving
  • Handling data

2. Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • Spatial reasoning
  • Using codes
  • Pattern spotting
  • Nets of cubes

3. Creative Writing

  • The importance of planning
  • How to construct a narrative
  • Sentence variation
  • Use of figurative language
  • Appropriate endings
  • Use of pictorial stimuli
  • How to construct a persuasive/discursive text

4. Verbal Reasoning

  • Letter sequences
  • Letter codes and word codes
  • Make a word from one or two other words
  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • Analogies
  • Word connections/compound words
  • Spelling patterns
  • Spot the hidden word
  • Sorting information
  • Discerning true statements
  • Letter partners and their reversal

5. Comprehension

  • Types of questions: direct retrieval, hidden clues, inference
  • How to explain the effects of simile, metaphor, unconventional punctuation
  • Different types of text: narrative, non-fiction, poetry
  • Different comprehension styles: standard version and multiple choice
  • Using the context of a narrative to discern unknown words
  • Using knowledge of the origin of words to discern meaning
  • Developing empathy for the author’s/poet’s perspective

6. Critical thinking

  • The importance of reading and processing a question, and how to do this
  • Examining different types and styles of questions
  • Learning techniques and appropriate strategies to solve different question types
  • Coaching in how to work through feelings of panic or being overwhelmed
  • To include exam techniques, such as:
    – ability to self-time
    – ability to self-time
    – underlining key info
    – reviewing and editing
    – checking maths answers’ validity
    – how to control nerves
    – self-affirmation
Tuition Parent and Child


JK Educate is run by experienced, caring teachers, offering high-quality tutoring and education advice.

Their private tutoring approach and educational consultancy services consistently deliver excellent results for our students, whether for general curriculum support or preparing for exams including 7+ and 11+ school entrance exams, GCSEs and A Levels. Managed services include private tutoring in person or online, ongoing support and advice for families, and assessments of academic potential and achievement.

They are 11+ specialists, with many years of experience in successfully preparing children for these challenging entrance exams.

JK Educate and Summer Boarding Courses are part of Dukes Education, a family of schools and educators, bought together by a common purpose: to give children the foundations for an extraordinary life, through education.